How to Stop a Cough Before It Gets Worse

Winter season is fast approaching and many children and even adults will start to catch some cold that cannot be treated easily. But, there are still hopes to stop this dreaded cough from ruining your winter season. By reading this article you can find ways that you can apply every night to quickly stop cough from attacking.

This will definitely make your cough disappear when you woke up. No need to be awake every night because of the occurrence of heavy cough. You do not need to take addictive cough syrup because this are all natural solution that can help a lot of people especially children.

1. The first step you have to do is to get a warm blanket before going to sleep. This can help your child suffering from cough to be very comfortable. During bedtime make sure that you have enough blankets to cover the whole body including the feet and chest. As your child start to cough during the middle of the night while everyone is already sleeping, you do not need to take away the blanket. Make sure that the blanket is properly place to cover his whole body from chest to his feet.

2. The next step is to get a clean thick towel. This clean towel is for the person who is suffering from cough. If there is no available clean towel you can also use or substitute a clean t-shirt for this next step. Always ensure that the blanket is pulled over up to the chest of your child. Avoid the blanket from covering his face.

3. The third thing to do is to place the towel or the t-shirt around the neck of your child, but not too tight. Ensure that there is no visible skin showing around your child’s neck while he is sleeping. Make him snuggle in his blanket with his neck covered thoroughly. When your child woke up observe if his cough is gone or do not get worse. But it can surely take away your child’s cough before it actually gets worse if not given extra care and attention.

4. If the cough suddenly occurs, you can make a mixture of garlic and honey. Before going to bed and repeat the above step to definitely get rid of this cough.

5. It is important for your child to always drink enough recommended glasses of water each day especially if he is suffering from cough.

6. Elevate his pillow at night if he is suffering from extreme occurrence of cough together with this above procedure. It can surely make his cough go away.

7. In the morning have your child a quick hot steamy bath. You can also rub some Vicks vapor rub unto the soles or your child’s feet and put some socks before bedtime.

Combine all of these useful ideas and you can be worry free about your child’s cough. You can eliminate or fight this cough before it gets worse. Just follow these simple tips to help your child feel very comfortable.

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