How to Relieve Skin Chafing

One of the most common skin problem is skin chafing. It can cause redness of the skin, burning sensation around the skin area and people suffering from severe skin chafing can feel oozing. This type of skin irritation can commonly found in people who are having extreme exercises and wear tight clothing. Tight clothing can rub against your skin that might cause skin chafing. But you do not have to worry too much if you are an athletic individual because skin chafing can be easily relieved by simple steps.

• Make sure to always change your clothes after having vigorous exercises. Skin chafing can occur to people who wear tight clothes that are made up of synthetic materials. You have to switch and buy clothes that are 100% cotton. Eliminate spandex clothing if you are an athlete suffering from skin chafing. You can just wear cotton clothes that are perfect for daily exercise activity. Avoid or totally eliminate exercise clothing that rubs against your skin when you move. This can make your skin chafing worse.

• If you sweat too much this can also make your skin chafing even worsen. Make sure to quickly change your damp clothes after having heavy exercises. Do not wear again any clothing that is that is damp with sweat until it is totally dry. Wash your clothes with fragrant free detergent after using and before wearing it again. This can eliminate bacteria that are present because of your sweat.

• To totally reduce chafing of the skin you have to reduce the friction from your skin. Try to reduce or eliminate friction on your skin to avoid worsening of skin chafing condition. You can eliminate friction by putting layer of powder or cornstarch to the affected area or to areas that are prone of having friction. Powder can reverse the friction because of its special element.

• Allow your skin to breath by avoiding wearing pantyhose for girls. Pantyhose are too tight that it will not allow your skin to breathe easily especially if you are doing intense activity like exercising. Do not wear these pantyhose unless there is a need of wearing it.

• If your skin is already suffering from skin chafing you have to wash your skin or the affected area with clean warm water and a fragrance free soap. Cover the affected area with gauze but make sure that it is not too tight to permit the airflow. If you have severe skin chafing you can count on over the counter remedy like cortisone. Before doing this, better consult a doctor or dermatologist to seek assistance. Secondary infections may arise when you already have skin chafing so make sure to watch over these secondary infections. These secondary infections are oozing, redness on the affected area, and pain. If you have observed some of this secondary infection, you have to quickly see your doctor for a faster remedy.

You do not have to suffer from skin chafing if you will only take care of your skin. Always be sensitive to the need of your skin.

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