Cocaine Addiction – Causes and Solutions


Cocaine is considered as one of the oldest drugs to be abused in the world of crime and addiction. It can be extracted from cocoa plant from the leaves and can be given to produce a small amount of stimulant in the body of the consumer. When the extracts from cocoa leaves are put through several chemical procedures, it results in the formation of a salt, which is known as cocaine hydrochloride. Cocaine hydrochloride is a white powdery substance that is still known today as powdered cocaine.

Cocaine has a history associated with it for over 150 years. Formerly, it was administered and accounted for many diseases and disorders for its curable characteristics. One of the major consequences it dealt with is depression and stress symptoms. After application, it was found to be healing for many ailments and pain related diseases. Its properties included blood clot controlling and veins constricting and dilating. But once the usage got commonplace, people started taking it through intravenous methods and in the form of capsule to get rid of their worries. That was when cocaine was considered to be illegal and unauthorized.

Similar to cocaine are methamphetamine and heroin, which can be inhaled, smoked or injected into the body directly for the addictive purposes. Why do people get addicted to cocaine? Cocaine addiction has direct effect on the pleasure sensation of people. They seek no nerve sensations so their decision making capability is almost lost and damaged. To maintain the buzz factor in their mind, people consume more and more amounts of cocaine to maintain the feel of pleasure they are getting. In reality, they are getting away from their judgment and thinking skills.

The effects of cocaine last for about two hours or so before the previous dosage but the consumers can snort another dose within the matter of minutes. It causes the body to rely on the cocaine compounds which hit the body like a brick wall when the smoker gets out of the drug consumption. This way, cocaine addiction makes you run out of your money, moral, thoughts and visions.

People who suffer cocaine addiction have symptoms like weight loss, reduction in appetite, sinus blockage, loss of energy, irritability, nausea, palpitations, inflammation in respiratory passage and paranoid delusions. Medications that are affiliated with selegiline and disulfiram can be used to treat cocaine addiction. They tend to accumulate the mimics that are being produced in the nerve impulses for the fake responses. They enhance the activity of body’s natural neurotransmitters. Antidepressants can also be used to suppress the effects of hallucination as well.

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