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Internet is one of the most powerful tools human has developed so far. It is prevailing and compelling to everybody. It has become a fundamental and essential part of our lives. It is nearly impossible to think of any communication and transactions without involving Internet. Without Internet, we can’t perform major functions of commerce, industrialization and intellect. Believe it or not, people get addicted to the Internet usage more than anything you can think of.

Since, Internet access is a new feature which people have gotten aware of these days, Internet addiction is the newest form of disorder psychology has confronted. This is probably the reason why many of the doctors and practitioners are still unaware of the cures of the Internet addiction.

Through Internet we can perform various functions. It is a multifunctional device that brings distances closer, makes information brief and time even faster. It is used for numerous purposes that include shopping, education, news, medicines, entertainment, business, advertisement and much more. However, when this facility is misused, it can become horrifying and hazardous to the economy.

The causes of the Internet addiction could be many. The main reason why Internet addiction is so common is the sense of anonymity it provides. It is another way by which people can get out of their worries and problems; they can share their feelings and expressions with their online friends without even having to make any regrets or confrontations. This helps a lot of people getting away from the stress, depression or phobic problems.

The main dangers which Internet addiction brings are pornography, online gambling, online shopping, chat rooms, and online games. The moment you think the above-mentioned element of the Internet are more important to you than your spouse, children and friends, you are addicted to the Internet. Internet addiction will make you forget about the responsibilities. You would neglect household duties, cooking, cleaning and above all you will forget to take care of yourself.

The sooner you realize you seriously need some help in getting out of the Internet addiction. Get rid of all the junk entertaining games and sites where you waste your precious time. Set the time limits within which you can use the Internet facility. It could range from half an hour to two hours or so. Be sure you are using Internet for a particular purpose. It will help saving your time and mind abilities.

You can replace your Internet addiction to something else. Read any book, go exercise, learn how to cook, play any instrument because these things don’t require Internet at all but they surely provide you with effectual skills.

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