Salt Addiction – How to Get Over It?


Today we intend to help out people who are literally craving to eat salt with whatever food they consume. Many modern researches have shown that salt is not bad for the human as once it believed to be but again, the evidence are there that link salt to hypertension, water weight gain, high blood pressure, heart problems and even stomach cancers in some cases. It is not easy at all to defeat something like salt addiction, find out how to get over it as we move on.

First you need to find out that why are you eating too much and taking excessive diets, many salt addictive people even eat straight salt many times a day. I have seen salt addiction reach its peak making people just pour the salt pots in their mouths. There have been many reasons for a body to crave salt such as minerals that your body needs badly. Salt addiction can be also caused by potassium as many studies have showed. On the other hand it is said that consuming balanced potassium along with other foods can really help cut down your salt addiction with time.

In some cases it is just the state of mind one has for salt. Salt is a strong natural anti-depressant, many people feel good and relaxed mentally after eating salt, if this is your case, then consult a doctor for anti-depressant alternatives. Salt addiction has to be cut down slowly because your body does need salt to make essential minerals out of it. Do not just take salt with every other food, go with alternatives and choose specific diets that you would like with salt. Taking salt in excessive amount would hurt you internally.

You can replace salty things such as pretzels, chips, and various canned soups with many lower sodium foods, you can consume up to 2400mg of sodium per day.

Before making any thorough changes in your salt intake, consult a physician. Intake of too little sodium can harm your health as well but salt addiction can get you big time.

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