Shopping Addiction – A Growing Concern


If you are reading this article then I believe you are a shopping addict or you know someone suffering from shopping addiction. It is really important to make consider your spending and habits and remain within your limits. Like alcohol addiction hits males, similarly shopping addiction mostly hits females giving them a phobia about buying jewelry, makeup stuff and clothing mostly. Many people become shopping addicts because of simple online shopping; things you like are just a mouse-click away from you. Secondly, watching channels like home network and other shopping channels on TV can make shopping addiction occur, since the stuff you like is just a phone call away.

Someone suffering from shopping addiction is mainly called a “Shopoholic”. While you are shopping and walking through sales buying products you like, the opiate receptor sites inside the brain come intact. The better you feel the more you will shop. In order to take advantage of the compulsive shopping routines, it should be noted that the shops should be displaying various traits of shopping items together so the person can choose from a number of accessories available. He or she would be able to make a wise decision that way saving enormous amount of money they might spend on the isolated things.

Shopping addiction can be said as one of the psychological complex reasons. Many people addict shopping to run away from the harsh realities of life and the problems that one may be facing. It is an escape from things like boredom, loneliness, anxiety, depression or an outlet of anger. Shopping does not really puts you through any of these problems; it just gives a temporary short time relief. Instead, shopping addiction can put you in serious debt problems and badly damage your close relationships. It gets you being materialistic and happy but not satisfied from inside.

Treating shopping addiction can be done through proper counseling and psychotropic medication. It is like treating any other addiction and one need to be honest in admitting the he or she really is a shopping addict. You can start building your relations with your wise friends who do not really care about shopping and still are living a happy life; some positive encouragement will surely help overcome this addiction. Work out your budget, spend wisely, and make categories of comforts, luxuries and necessities. Decide a limited amount that you can spend on personal shopping and not more then that. Luxuries should not be spent too much on and be judicial while purchasing comforts.

Take help from good mental health professionals in breaking down your mind’s vicious cycle for shopping sprees. Try not to keep credit and debit cards along because they add up to your feeling to buy something. Cancel your subscriptions for any shopping catalogs that you might have and also quit visiting sales and discount stores, you always end up spending a whole lot over these places. Try to keep yourself busy with your job or any other activities you like to stop your mind focus on shopping.

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