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Fragile X syndrome is also called as Fragile X and is the most common hereditary form of mental retardation. The condition is a result of mutation in a single gene that is continuously passed from one generation to another. The condition is seen to occur in families of all ethnic groups and societies. The symptoms of the Fragile X syndrome appear as a result that the mutated gene is unable to produce proteins that are required by the cells of the body especially the cells in the brain so that they can develop and function normally. The amount of the protein produced and the usability of this protein determine the severity of the effects of this syndrome.

The most prominent effect of the Fragile X syndrome is seen to affect the intelligence. It is seen that about 80 percent of the males suffering from this syndrome have an IQ level lower than 75. The effect is seen to be variable in females, there are some females who show incidence of mental impairment, some show a lower IQ and some show learning disabilities. It is also seen that people with this syndrome share some medical problems and also common physical features like long face and large ears. Also, having Fragile X is associated with problems of emotion, sensation and behavior.

There is a lot of research being done, but as of date there is no specific cure for this syndrome. There is no single treatment available but still there are a number of ways which can be put into practice so as to minimize the condition and the symptoms. It is important to impart the people suffering from this syndrome with proper education. Putting the skills and capabilities of the child in use will help the person develop in a better way. The most important factor is to understand the condition early and to take necessary action. Under the federal laws people with Fragile X are free to get public education. If the child qualifies then a special team can be formed to make an individualized educational plan. It is also important to evaluate the progress of the child from time to time.

Another aspect of the treatment is getting therapeutic attention. There are a number of professional like speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists and physical therapists that can work with the person suffering from Fragile X to bring about a change. The services of these professionals can be made available in the pre-school and children of school age suffering from this syndrome. They work to assess the ability and skills of the child to reap the potentials and introduce confidence in them.

Even though there is no medication for curing the syndrome, still many doctors have used different medications to improve the symptoms and alleviate them. These medicines work well when they are teamed up with therapy sessions. However, it is important to understand that some of these medicines can carry risks for the patients. So, consult a physician who can help you out in the best manner and look for options to reduce the suffering.

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