Children With Anxiety Disorder

Children are also prone to anxiety disorders just as adults do. But, it is very hard to identify anxiety disorders within children as the symptoms are quite different from those of adults. Every fear of a child cannot be treated as anxiety disorder as fears are quite common in children up to certain age. Generally, children overcome their fears as they age. However, children with anxiety disorders show a bit exceptional behavior and can be identified with keen observation. For example, children with anxiety disorder perform certain activities repeatedly such as they are overly tensed about the presence of monsters and check all the time for their presence under the bed or inside the shelves.

Anxiety disorders develop due to any of the following causes:

• Sudden death of a person in a road accident. This way will develop fear of riding in a car or walking on the road.

• Divorce of the parents.

• Children develop anxiety disorders, if any of the kids with whom they play show similar symptoms. However, this sort of anxiety disorder can be easily corrected by properly guiding the child.

• There is a chance of children developing anxiety disorder, if the parents at home are very abusive and hurt the kids very badly without showing any signs of love.

Characteristic symptoms of anxiety disorder in children are lack of interest to move with other kids, rigid about their requirements, increased crying and lower levels of confidence and frequently complain of headaches without any reason.

Unlike anxiety disorders in adults, anxiety disorders in children can be easily treated by appropriate counseling with the help of a psychiatrist. If the symptoms of anxiety disorders are very severe, kid can be given certain medications to gain control over the symptoms.

As said earlier, it is very easy to gain control over childhood anxiety disorder with proper help from parents and with the help of a psychiatrist. Parents should take great care while raising the kid. They should take necessary measures to hide their anger and should show great love towards the kid. Parents should listen to their kids with patience and should try to convince them to overcome their fears. However, it should be done slowly without forcing the kid. An excellent way to teach the kids that their fears are meaningless is by play therapy. In this method, kid is taught ways to overcome their fears in a play way. Another important factor to be remembered is parents should not rule out the kid’s fears.

Parents can help the kid to overcome the anxiety disorder by helping them to learn simple meditation exercises. It is also essential to teach them how to overcome their anger by involving themselves in certain activities of their liking such as coloring, reading comics, playing video games as per their age. Parents should inform the school authorities about the condition of the child and request them to extend their support and help the kid to overcome the disorder very easily.

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