Training a Dog to Use the Stairs

Having dogs require you to learn more on how to be patient because you need to teach them lots of things in order for them to survive their lifetime. Although there are lots of pet trainers around, they’ll require you to spend a lot of money in paying for their training fee. You need to learn how to train your pet so you will have a bonding time together as well. One of the things you need to deal with is to teach them how to use the stairs. This is a serious case, especially if you have stairs at home. You wouldn’t want your pet to roll down your stairways if he happens to climb up. For you to successfully teach your dog to climb the stairs like ordinary people do, you need to buy an improvise stairs.

You need to do this not just to make him aware of becoming trained of the things that ordinary people do but also to help him with his health. Along the way, your dog will suffer from arthritis if you don’t teach him the proper way to climb the stairs, through jumping most of the time his joints will be troubled and he will soon suffer from arthritis. This will be very painful for him. If you don’t want your pet to suffer any health risks, you need to be very patient in teaching him things such as climbing the stairs.

If you are having double thoughts about purchasing an improvised staircase, you shouldn’t be. By teaching him, you can elevate his bed and put the stairs beside his bed. It will look like a double deck bed that you have on your boys’ room. This will help him a lot in so many ways. At first, he will not use it because he’s not aware of it but in the long run, he will be aware and become convenient in using it. There are ways to train your dog; you should follow these simple guidelines as this can help you a lot:

1. Walk with your dog around the bottom of the stairs. Some dogs will feel anxious by being on a stairs. It will be more comfortable and effective if you will walk on your hands and knees, this way, you will not be taller on your dog. You will be on a leveled form.

2. Encourage your dog to climb on the first step alone. This will be the first step he needs to take. After this, give him a nice food he deserves to have. This will serve as an encouragement for him to go on and strive harder.

3. Place your dog’s favorite food or toy on the second level and so on. This will encourage him to get it and teach him to climb one step at a time. Praising him and giving him rewards will be very helpful and encouraging.

4. Continue doing this so you will be able to reach the top of your staircase.

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