How to Cope With Migraine Headache


Migraine is an acute headache that starts at some point in the head region. It is very difficult to bear the pain and the person cannot resist light or sound. Genetic factors play role in the cause of migraine. It is very easy to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks by identifying the trigger factors. If you are unable to identify the actual cause, maintain a migraine diary and note down the day, time and the potential trigger agents that lead to headache. Analysis of this history helps to identify the cause and take measures to prevent the recurrence of the headaches. Following are some measures that help to cope with migraines.

• It is found that certain over-the-counter medications cause migraine headaches. Hence, it is essential to avoid taking such drugs to prevent the occurrence of migraine headaches.

• Stress is another cause for migraine headaches. Hence, measures have to be taken to overcome stress. Regular practice of meditation and other exercises helps to overcome stress very easily.

• An unhealthy body increases the risk of having frequent migraines. To improve the physical stamina of the body, it is essential to take healthy food and a perfect night sleep. This makes a person capable enough to handle any degree of physical stress.

• Regular practice of breathing exercises and other exercises helps to improve the blood circulation to the brain cells and hence, aids in nourishing the cells as well as eliminating the toxins out of the body. This reduces the occurrence of migraines.

• Being on an empty stomach for a very long time is another cause that triggers migraine headaches. Hence, it is essential to have timely meals and to snack in between meals to reduce the risk of having migraines.

• Smoking is another risk factor for various types of headaches. It is mainly due to the constriction of the blood vessels. Hence, it is essential to quit smoking to cope with migraines. Caffeine containing products are also found to exert similar effects. If you have experienced episodes of migraine attacks earlier, then it is essential to quit caffeinated drinks and other products with caffeine.

• Individuals with migraine are very sensitive to light. To reduce the effect of bright day light, it is recommended to use sun glasses whenever you go out in sunlight.

• In some people, smell of strong perfumes triggers the attack of migraines. Hence, if you suffer with migraines, keep yourself away from strong perfumes, chemicals and colognes.

• The onset of the menstrual cycle is another factor that increases the risk of migraine attacks in women. Hence, by keeping track of the cycle it is very easy to take preventive measures to prevent migraine attacks.

• It is found that feverfew; an herb helps to reduce and dilate the constricted blood vessels and hence, provides relief from migraines.

Lastly, you can find help on coping with migraine attacks through a number of websites and by joining migraine support groups where people with similar symptoms join. This serves as an opportunity to share the experiences and find a better solution for the problem.

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