Home Remedies for Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are very common and everyone becomes a victim of these headaches at one time or another in their lifetime. Though the pain is very severe, it is very easy to overcome with the help of simple home remedies. Following are simple home remedies that help to relieve tension headaches.

• The major cause of headaches is constriction of the blood vessels of the brain region. Taking deep breathes helps to dilate the blood vessels and hence reduce the pain.

• Stretching exercises that help to stretch the neck and shoulder muscles help to reduce the headache.

• Massaging the neck and the upper back region gently with massage oils is an excellent remedy to cure tension headaches. Massage helps to relieve the stress in the muscles and reduces the severity of the pain. Certain essential oils such as lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and sandalwood oil are very effective in treating headaches. The pleasant smell of theses oils gives a refreshing feel to the brain.

• Over indulging in the work is another cause for tension headaches. If you are stressed out, take a break. Consider going out for a short walk or have a cup of hot coffee. A cup of hot coffee helps to soothe the muscles and relieves the stress very easily.

• Relaxation is another effective remedy to get rid of tension headaches. Have a good night sleep and you will be perfectly alright when you get up early in the morning.

• If the eyes are over stressed, you may suffer with headache. Give rest to your eyes, by tightly closing and opening them very slowly.

• Relaxing the shoulder muscles also helps to relieve the tension headaches. Shrug your shoulders as high as up to the ears and let them fall. This helps to relax the shoulder muscles.

• Having a hot water bath also helps to relieve the entire body muscles and thus relieves stress out of the brain thereby reduces the severity of the pain.

• Regular practice of yoga asana helps to prevent headaches. If your head is popping out with severe pain, consider practicing shavasana, to obtain quick relief from headache.

• A stress is the major cause for tension headaches, try to divert yourself. Indulge in a work of your interest. Try to forget the fact that you are having headache. You will definitely obtain relief from the throbbing pain very soon.

• Cultivate a positive mind set to avoid tension headaches. This will give you the ability to face even the worst situations with great ease.

• Some people say that application of ice pack in the forehead region helps to relieve the headache. If you are using this remedy to obtain relief, make sure that you do not use ice packs for more than twenty minutes continuously.

• Using a pillow that is too flat or too fluffy can result in tension headaches. Hence, try altering the pillow to obtain relief from headaches.

If the pain persists even after trying the above home remedies and after taking an analgesic, it is essential to consult a doctor to identify the actual cause of headache and measures to relieve the pain.

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