Preparing for Allergy Season

Spring season looks very beautiful with blooming flowers and beautiful green grass. But, people who are allergic to pollen get scared with the onset of spring season, the allergy season. It is possible to enjoy the beauty of allergy season without becoming the victim of allergic pollen attacks by taking some simple measures. Take the below given measures to prepare for allergy season.

• Dust is the major cause for allergies. Clean the entire house before the onset of the spring season. This way, you reduce the risk of allergies.

• Get rid of the dust mites that have accumulated throughout the house during those cold winter months due to lowered air circulation.

• If you have pets, clean the carpet, sofas to get rid of the pet dander, the most common allergen.

• Change the filters of air conditioning vents whenever they get clogged with dust. These filters serve as trap for pollen and other dust particles. This even helps to save on energy costs. As clean filters help to maintain the room temperature very easily.

• Pollen is light weight and is carried by dust very easily. To prevent the entry of the pollen into the house, keep the doors and windows closed.

• Whenever you go outside, take a nice bath from head to toe including the hair to get rid of the pollen that has stuck to the hair.

• Another way to get prevent the entry of pollen into the room is to set the air conditioner in low filter setting to filter the pollen out of the air.

• It is recommended to steam clean the upholstery, furniture and carpet twice a month to keep them free of dust and other allergens.

• Use a dehumidifier to eliminate the excess of moisture present in the room. In this way, it is possible to keep the air clean free of air borne pollutants, bacteria and molds.

• Change the bed spreads and linens as often as possible. Wash the bed spreads, comforters, linens and pillow covers thoroughly and let them dry perfectly before using. Wash them in commercial washers for thorough cleaning.

• Take a healthy diet, to maintain good health and active immune system.

• Cultivate the habit of practicing breathing exercises regularly. This helps to get rid of the toxic elements from the lungs and thus, helps to reduce the intensity of allergic reactions in case of attack by allergens.

• If you are very sensitive, consider visiting your doctor and request him to prescribe certain anti-histamines to combat the pollens. Start the medications one to two weeks ahead of the start of the allergy season.

• When you go out for a drive, keep your car windows closed and use an air-conditioner to remain comfortable.

• Consider using a surgical mask during the peak allergy season.

• Pets also serve as source of allergens. Hence, give them a bath very often to keep them clean and free of allergens.

Allergic reactions increase in intensity very rapidly. Hence, have the medications readily available in order to control the symptoms immediately after their onset.

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