Healthy Mall Food

When you hang out in malls, you get tempted to have foods available in food courts. But, foods that are available in food courts are rich in fat content. A great number of people resist themselves of having mall food with the fear of having more number of calories that contribute to the problem of obesity. Here are some healthy mall food choices that you can enjoy and at the same time enjoy a perfect health.

An important factor to be considered while selecting mall foods is the fat content of the foods.

• Fruits are very healthy foods that have zero fat and are rich in fiber and other nutrients. Hence, a fruit bowl with an assortment of fruits is a very healthy mall food.

• Pretzel without fat is also a healthy food choice. One can have about 170 calories of energy by having a single pretzel.

• If you love to have animal foods, then consider having chicken soup.

• A cup of hot coffee.

• Small sized fat free ice cream cone.

• Mexican foods are a great choice of healthy mall foods. However, it is essential to eliminate the guacamole sauce and the sour cream to control the fat content of the foods. A chicken burrito or a taco without sour cream is a very healthy mall food to have.

• Even Chinese foods are good to have at malls. But, it is essential to request the chef to use less amount of oil. Chicken and broccoli or shrimp and broccoli cooked with least amount of oil are a healthy choice. Avoid having fried egg rolls that are rich in fat content.

• If you wish to have a burger, avoid including cheese. Instead, add sauces for taste. Make sure to order a small sized burger as the patty used also contributes to the fat content.

• Nutritious bars made of whole grains and nuts are a good choice instead of having sugary cream filled candies.

• Brown rice, spaghetti and whole grain pasta that are rich in fiber content and are very nutritious are very healthy to have.

• A small bowl of sprouting seeds mixed with grated carrot and celery is a good choice. However, avoid using extensive salad dressings that are rich in fats.

• Avoid the habit of ordering items such as French fries that are not only unhealthy but also do not have any nutritional value.

In addition to making healthy food choices, it is essential to take certain measures before going out to a mall to become less tempted at outside foods. Before you leave for a mall, have a nice meal that is handmade at home. This will cut down your appetite and you will be less tempted to have outside foods. If you are planning to hang out for a very long time, consider packing simple snacks along with you. This way, you will not only enjoy perfect health but also save good amount of money which you can divert towards your shopping.

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