Contradictions for Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is conducted to correct the sight related problems adjust the cornea as per the pre determined measurements. As the cornea is a very sensitive part of the eyes, great care has to be taken while conduction of the laser eye surgery. Not every person with eye sight problems is a right candidate for laser eye surgery. A great number of factors have to be taken care before conducting the surgery to avoid the contradictions. Following is a list of contradictions associated with laser eye surgery.

There are two types of contradictions associated with laser eye surgery. They are the absolute contradictions and the relative contradictions. Individuals with absolute contradictions have an underlying medical condition that make them unfit for undergoing the surgery. Individuals with other group of contradictions can undergo the surgery but the surgeon should take necessary measures and there is a great chance of not having the desired results.

Thin cornea

Laser eye surgery involves removing a very thin layer of the cornea to correct the eye problems such as near or far sightedness. However, after removing the layer, it is essential that the cornea maintains certain threshold measurements to maintain its shape and firmness. Some people have a very thin cornea that prevents them from having a surgery.


Patients with keratoconus too have a very thin cornea. But this is not genetically determined but caused due to pathological factors. The infection may gradually grow and results in the formation of cone due to progressive thinning of the cornea. Individuals with this sort of contradiction cannot have any type of laser eye surgery.

Medical conditions

Certain systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis which are auto immune diseases increase the risk of the person developing auto immune reactions following the surgery. This reduces the chances of healing after the surgery. In such cases, the surgeon has to identify the severity of the disease before conducting the surgery.

Individuals with diabetes too develop certain contradictions. There is a danger of developing diabetic retinopathy in cases of having high blood sugar levels. Hence, before conducting the laser eye surgery, it is essential to maintain stable blood sugar levels for over a prolonged period of time.

Successful laser eye surgery requires stable hormone levels of the body. Hence, women who are pregnant, nursing and are expecting to become pregnant are not right candidates for the surgery. This is due to the presence of fluctuating hormone levels. It is essential to wait for about few months before undergoing the surgery to let the hormone levels settle perfectly.

Individuals who are at the risk of developing cataract or clouding of crystalline lens are not right candidates for laser eye surgery. Such candidates are treated with other surgeries such as crystalens to correct either the near sightedness or far sightedness.

Individuals suffering with glaucoma and are on medications for the same or those who have suffered eye infections or those with dry are also not right candidates for the surgery.

Thus, if you have any of the conditions, it is essential to discuss with the eye surgeon before undergoing the laser eye surgery to avoid any problems after the surgery.

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