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I bet you must have heard about the hair dyes before. Hair dyes can make your hair look naturally gorgeous by adding volume and texture to them. There is a wide range of hair dyes available in the market these days. From grays to blondes to browns, everything is available as per your demand and requirements.

One of the coolest and new brands of hair dyes is the special effects hair dyes. You can have extreme hair colors using these, which would transform the way you used to look in a complete different manner. You can now have purple, orange and pink highlights or even strands in your hair. With the help of the special effects hair dyes, you don’t have to go with the monotonous tone all the time. You can compliment different themes and different styles incorporating them to diversify your looks.

You can have your hair in stripes with the special effects hair dyes as well. Getting stripes in your hair is pretty much like high lightening them. All you have to do is to section your hair with the help of clippers or ponytails and tie them up. This way you can deal with the strands of your hair better and the color would look uniform and attractive.

You can consider getting leopard spots on your hair as well. It will make your luscious hair brighten up even more. You can dip a celery stalk into the hair dye that is prepared and stamp it onto your hair in random patterns and tracks. Allow some time for drying it. You can continue getting some more spots and dots from contrasting colors with the passage of time that will make your hair look distinct unique on every other occasion.

If you want just the tips of your hair to be colored then you can do it by holding your hair in a ponytail dipping the ends into the hair dye. Make sure you are going towards the ends where the color should stop. This look would do great with the Mohawks or the pigtails. Plaid is a tricky technique, which is adventurous but when it comes to the application it always doesn’t work well. You can start with the strips as mentioned above but you just have to add horizontal lines with the patterns as well. Geometric shapes and under layers can also be performed according to an individual’s requirement.

In the above mentioned passages I disclosed many features of special effects hair dyes and how they can transform the look of your hair from odd to unique.

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