Is Separation Last Resort?


Is your relationship with your husband or wife going through some hard times? Are you both thinking about getting divorced? Separation is not always the last resort so think about it very carefully because the regret afterwards is more then just painful. Try considering a few things I am listing below to repair what was lost in the relation and why is your partner unhappy or you are unhappy and then think that is separation really your last resort.

Try removing the option of divorce from the table. This should have been done when you were getting married, talk to your partner and completely erase the word called divorce from both of your dictionaries. If you were thinking that divorce would be a good option if the marriage did not work out, then I would sadly say that this is an attitude of a loser. Divorce is something that you at the first place and your partner at the second should not even think about it once in your lifetime otherwise it would occur someday soon. Just go back to the time when you both were getting married and taking oath to live and die for each other, remove all the doubts and maybes from your memory. This is the best way of avoiding divorce or stopping one; your partner is the one for you for the rest of your life not matter what.

Communication is another thing that can make many things happens and stopping a divorce is one of them. Communicating with your partner would be great, communication over here does not mean face booking, texting, chatting, emailing or making a phone call, all these count in being selfish and using someone when you are bored or in need. Over here when communicating with your partner you would only listen and he or she would express all the feelings hidden inside openly. Be supportive and helpful, agree where you are wrong and say sorry, remember, this communication is all about your partner not about you. Talk about anything and everything that seems to be bothering your partner and sort it out.

Lastly just consult a marriage expert to give you some tips on avoiding your divorce. Nothing comes for long if not work hard for it so show some efforts until you get to your goal and separation would not be the last resort!

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