Different Types of Brain Injuries

Our brain is an essential part of our system and is the center of our nervous system. It controls our body in all aspects, so basically an injury in the brain can be a serious condition. Our brain is highly complex and very complicated making it a very delicate part of the human system.

Brain injuries can be categorized to different types, depending on the assessment of the specialist. They use a specific tool to classify the injuries called the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). This tool is like a grading system where which it is scaled 3 to 15 with 3 being the lowest. They grade it according to several responses given by the patient. Below are some of the known types of brain injuries:


Based on the assessment of the specialist this is graded as 15, mild or simple concussion is just a short or brief loss of consciousness resulting from the brain being shaken or stricken. Example of this is a head injury during softball or football practice. Normally, patient will recover from this condition in a span of 1 to 2 weeks. Complex or severe concussion is an advanced type of concussion often resulting from the brain being shaken or stricken repeatedly.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI)

Based on the assessment of the specialist this is graded 13 to 15, mild traumatic brain injuries can be a result of a vehicular accident or even a simple bathroom accident wherein head is banged on the sink or on the tiled floor. This type if injuries are often caused by events that may allow external force to damage the brain tissues such as falling or accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Based on the GCS this is graded as 11 to 13, classified as advanced condition on MTBI. Skull fractures are present where which there is a broken skull bone. Also, there might be the formation of hematoma or blood clots due to the impact done after the accident or trauma. This condition is called intracranial hematoma; it is also classified according to where the formation of the clot is located in the brain.

Acquired Brain Injury

This type of injury is acquired as a result of brain damage caused by medical conditions such as strokes, infections and tumors. This type is not caused by any external force or trauma. Other conditions which can lead to acquired brain injury are hypoxia or the deprivation of oxygen, anoxia or the complete absence of oxygen and some degenerative diseases.


Based on the assessment of the specialist in GCS this type is graded as 8 and below which means the patient is unresponsive to any stimuli used to test the consciousness of the person. Coma is prolonged unconsciousness and profound state of deep sleep wherein some never wakes up. This can be a result of extreme trauma or injuries in the head which can cause penetrating wounds inside the head. Skull can be severely crushed or smashed. This may cause death eventually.

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