How to Overcome Exam Anxiety

Racing heart beats. Clammy hands, cold sweats, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, did you ever feel these things prior to your final examination? Sure you did! Almost all students always have this feeling before going through examinations. This is what we call anxiety; it is an unpleasant feeling, mental and physical uneasiness and a sense of fear. It is also a feeling of tension and apprehension.

Some students even faint due to severe anxiety. You can see the blood drain from their faces, faces and lips pale as a ghost.

Not to worry much as there are some tips to overcome this exam anxiety:

Do not cram minutes before the exam begins.

Just relax, do a little browsing into your notes but do not attempt to take it all again and memorize things. This will cause mental blur and mental block. In case you forgot something try to do a short brainstorming with your friends and ask them to explain a certain subject that you cannot fully understand. This will help retain the information than going through your notes one more time.

Be well prepared.

Make sure that you studied well before the day of your exam. Browse into your notes every now and then a week or days before your scheduled exam to familiarize yourself with the subjects and the scope of the test. Try to do group study during your free time and do some reading as well if you are not doing anything.

Adequate sleep.

Sleep well the night before the scheduled examination. Do not stay up too late studying; otherwise your mind will be too tired to absorb information. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel dizzy and nauseated during the exam. Also, do not over sleep as you will be sleepy during the exam.

Do not over eat.

Just eat enough as you will slightly have an upset stomach if you eat too much. You might be very uncomfortable during the exam. Having an upset stomach during the exam is really a bad thing as you may need to go to the comfort room and can be a cause of disruption.

Bring necessary testing materials.

Make sure that you bring the necessary things needed for you to take your examination like the correct pencil, examination papers and permits, erasers. Failure to have these things can make you feel nervous and agitated before the exam.

Be on time.

You should be on the examination site 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled time of start. Being late will leave you agitated and confused. You need time to relax and prepared yourself for the test.

Stay focused.

As soon as you arrive at the examination site, condition and set your mind for the exam. Do not do unnecessary activities prior to this like hanging out with friend minutes before the start.

Do not panic.

Panic will disrupt your thoughts. Make sure that you relax and take deep breaths.

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