Exercise to Detoxify

If you think exercise is only good to keep us trim and shape, think again. Among of the many benefits of exercise which is becoming popular nowadays is that it helps our body detoxify. Yes, you heard it right. Body detoxification means the removal of toxins or cleansing of vital organs in the body. Toxins do not necessarily means it come from drugs or alcohol, but toxins we get from our diet, pollution, and exposure from industrial solvents and other industrial chemicals as well.

How does exercise helps our body detoxifies? Exercise hastens body detoxification process. It keeps our body moving and speeds up the blood circulation. The response of our body every time we engage in exercise is to take in enough oxygen. Oxygen is essential to make our cells function, and among its function is to remove toxins.

How can we help our body detoxifies? We can flush out toxins in the form of sweat, exhalation and urine. When you exercise you sweat a lot, thus it can remove your body toxins. This is another reason why sedentary lifestyle must be avoided.

What are the forms of exercise that can help detoxify our body? Simple, any type of exercise that will help you sweat is enough. What matters most are the length and the consistency of doing those exercises.

The basic principle of exercise is to find the kind of exercise you love doing. It should be a form of relaxation, not an obligation.

Aerobics Exercise

This is one of the most ideal forms of exercise if one has the luxury of time. Aerobic exercises will give you the chance to move muscles in your body. It strengthens our cardiovascular system which is vital in detoxification. However, people tend to overdo it. Stop when you feel your body aches. Exercise should be a comforting activity not a painful one.


Jogging is one of the more popular exercises nowadays. A good and comfortable pair of rubber shoes and jogging pants can do wonders in detoxifying our body with toxins and pollutants.

Brisk Walking

Everybody seems to be very busy in our everyday lives, that even if we knew the benefits of exercise, we tend to ignore it. Thus, the simple solutions to people who can’t find time to go to gym or wake up early morning to jog, is to do brisk walking. Park your car few meters from your office, take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators and that can do the trick.

Breathing Exercises

When we breathe, we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It oxygenates our blood and gives life to our cells. The proper breathing technique is to inhale through our nose and exhale through the mouth like blowing a candle. This breathing technique is called purse – lip breathing. It can also help relieve stress and tension.

The next time you feel tired and sluggish, think of the toxins that has accumulated in your body – it might be the reason. Then, it’s time for you to take a deep breath, and move.


  1. mac Reply
    March 22, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Good advice! Gotta move if you wanna lose.

    Sweating is the only way to remove toxins stored in our bodies fat cells. Urine and sweat are the methods of eliminating waste and when it's stored in our body's fat cells, those toxins can remain trapped there for years. Over time that nasty toxic fat can become cellulite and only when you do vigorous exercise or FIR sauna therapy (far infrared radiation) can you lose it!

  2. Brandon Reply
    April 13, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    "A good and comfortable pair of rubber shoes and jogging pants can do wonders in detoxifying our body with toxins and pollutants." There are so many things wrong with this sentence, I don't know where to begin. This entire article bears the same level of 'expertise.'

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