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Sleep is a routine and unavoidable activity for all of us. We all need to devote few hours from our daily routine towards this act as sleep contributes towards our mental and physical wellbeing.

However, not every individual out there is blessed with a good night’s sleep. There are millions of individuals who are suffering from numerous sleep disorders, which restricts their ability to sleep well. Although there are various measures to counter these sleeping disorders, dealing with them is a daunting task in itself.

On an average a person is expected to sleep at least six to eight hours on daily basis. This brings us to an alarming statistics. One would be surprised to know that an average individual spends 1/3 of his/her entire lifetime sleeping.

Of course, the amount of sleep varies from person to person based on several factors like the age, lifestyle and habits of an individual. Admits the chunk of people who are desperately taking sleeping pills, and resorting to other measures to get a good night’s sleep, there is also a small crowd of people who are suffering from Hypersomnia. Hypersomnia is a condition characterized by excessive sleep. If you regularly feel tired despite have a good night’s sleep, then you are most likely suffering from hypersomnia.

An individual suffering from hypersomnia experiences ongoing episodes of fatigueness all throughout the day. Even after having slept excessively, you might feel tired. Hypersomnia can have serious impact on your routine activities. As a matter of fact, over a period of time you will realize that you are unable to lead a normal life. Your productivity at work would be hampered, tarnished relationships would be apparent, and your goals in life would be all over the place.

There have been instances in the past wherein hypersomnia patients have been reported to have fallen asleep while at work, eating or for that matters while having an active conversation. This simply goes to prove the lethal impact this ailment can have on our life.

If this ailment is left untreated for a long period of time, one can expect worst consequences to follow. Over a period of time, one will face lots of emotional trauma in the form of low self esteem, irritability, anxiety and memory loss.

Also, hypersomnia can invite loads of health issues in your life. It can cause obesity, and also make you prone towards unwanted diseases like diabetes, arthritis and other heart issues. Depression will also creep in along with lack of energy and helplessness. All these factors will only add to your health complications.

Considering all the above instances, it’s only advisable that one consults a doctor immediately to seek a cure for this ailment. There are many effective measures which will help you get rid of this bothersome ailment. Although hypersomnia is not as popular as any other disease, its consequences are extremely hazardous. Not only will it cause problem to the victim, but also their family members.

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