Frozen Shoulder Manipulation or Physical Therapy – What's Best?

Physical therapy and frozen shoulder manipulation are amongst the two most prominent remedies out there used for the cure of shoulder issues. Both these remedies have cured millions of people worldwide. However, which of these treatments is better is often a subject matter of debate.

Some individuals vouch for frozen shoulder manipulation as the best treatment measure, while others vouch for physical therapy. Making a choice between both the method is a daunting task even for the experts.

As such, both these measures are absolute best in their own way. Depending upon the individual’s circumstances, one of these method is able to outshine the other.

An orthopedic physician performs a frozen shoulder manipulation treatment. Under this method, the patient is given anesthesia, and the affected body part is carried to its end point of motion followed by a quick thrust into a normal range. This action is performed in all possible viable motions involving the shoulder such as internal rotation, forward and backward elevation, external rotation and so on. Only extension is not performed in most cases. All these movements have to be carried out under proper guidance of a competent clinician, or else you might end up inviting more troubles in your life. Frozen shoulder manipulation requires treatment from experienced hands to achieve positive outcome.

On the other hand, physical therapy is best performed by an expert therapist. Remember, you are not looking for any person out there with a practitioner license, but you are looking for someone who has years of expertise under his/her belt. It’s advisable that you do your homework well before surrendering yourself for the treatment. Check the reputation of the clinic, the doctor’s background, review from other patients and so on. Once you are totally convinced, only then you can blindly follow all the instructions set by the therapist. You certainly do not want to be next victim falling prey to an inexperienced therapist.

As such, the clinical process is very lucid. Below is the step by step treatment procedure outlined for you:

1) Muscle spasm and pain control.

2) Proper manual joint mobilization.

3) Prescription of home exercises which will include the intensity, frequency as well as the repetition for each exercise.

4) Measures for gain.

5) Follow-up based on the obtained results.

If a therapist follows the procedure outlined above, then he/she knows his job well. You can be assured that the outcome would be satisfactory.

While frozen shoulder manipulation and physical therapy look equally important, physical therapy outshines frozen shoulder manipulation method because in either case physical therapy will be needed in the end.

Today, it’s essential that each individual takes up some responsibility themselves and do proper groundwork before choosing a method, which best suits their needs, preference and budget. Admits the contradictory information available in the market, it has become relatively easy to get carried away with fake information.

In summary, although frozen shoulder manipulation offers a quick solution to your problem, physical therapy offers long term benefits to the patient.

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