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We unknowingly involve our chest muscles in almost every activity we perform on day to day basis. For example, simply lift your arms over your head and you will feel the chest muscles working. Pulled chest muscles are a result of muscle overload in the chest area. To be pointblank, pulled chest muscles implies stretching the chest muscles beyond its capacity. This excessive pull leads to tear in the muscle fibers.

Any one of us can be a potential victim of pulled chest muscle. In fact, it’s very common amongst sportsperson and other athletes who are involved in any kind of physical activity. Most sports demand quick body movements, and a single hyper move can result into pulled chest muscle. It’s very important that one knows his or her limits to avoid such instances.

Every muscle group has its peak limitations, and if that particular muscle group is forced to work beyond its limit, then injuries are apparent. Anything of excess is not good for the muscles, whether it’s over workout, stress or any other kind of physical strain. Each individual should keep this thing in mind to avoid the case of pulled muscle injury.

Extreme pain upon active movements, and restrictions on passive movements are the usual symptoms of pulled chest muscle. In some cases, one might also experience swelling and bruising on the affected body part.

As soon as you realize your condition, you need to halt your training. You certainly do not want the pulled chest muscle to bring in more health complications. Further damage to the affected muscle would mean Pectoral Tendinopathy. If this happens, you will be out of action for several months. After you bring your training to an indefinite halt, apply ice on the injured location. Use some good anti-inflammatories, and make sure to provide the affected body part adequate amount of rest. Also, spend some time with your physiotherapist, and get some graded stretching exercises to speed up the healing process.

One should be aware of the fact that the deltoids and biceps will come to the pectorals aid during such instances. Make sure that you take every move with extra precaution to avoid further health issues.

Let’s now have a look at the treatment measures for pulled chest muscle.


Apply heat on the affected area once you experience improvement in your condition. You will only be replacing the ice massage with the heat application. Use a heating pad for this purpose.


There are plenty of over the counter medications available for the cure of pulled chest muscles. These antibiotics contain ibuprofen or acetaminophen which are responsible for decreasing the pain. It’s advisable that one consults a doctor before taking any kind of antibiotics. If you are an allergic individual, then you will only invite further problems in your life by taking medications without any formal prescriptions.

Dietary Solution for Chest Muscle Strain

Nutritious diet rich in proteins should be consumed by the victim, in order to avoid constipation due to decreased physical activity.

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