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Anger is an uncalled, but unavoidable human expression. For instance, in a heated argument, increase in heart beat, breath and pulse rates are a common sight. In a way, this simply denotes that we are allowing the anger to take control over our physical and mental state of health. Although we think that we really can’t do anything to stop our anger, this is not true. There are several simple and effective means to control our anger.

First and foremost, never be desperate to win the argument as this will only worsen the situation. Put your ego at rest, and face the cruel reality of life. Admit the fact that you can’t be right all the time. Even if you are, you don’t really have to express the fact in the form of a heated argument. Try your best to calmly convince the person, and if you think that the person isn’t co-operating, then simply walk away. This is the best way to evade the emotional trouble which the argument would ultimately land into. Remember, when you vacate the place, there won’t be any further arguments. Unless anger encounters a rebellion force, it won’t build up.

Most people fail to realize that anger can be channelized for fruitful purposes. If you see yourself in an angry situation, try to relax and calm yourself down. Go for a walk or simply lay down. This is a stage where you need to feel the energy present within yourself. Refrain from thinking about the problem, and focus on the things happening within your body. This will help you calm down, and thereby solve the problem at some point. Remember, controlling anger is a big feat in itself. In a way, you are in control over your feelings and emotions, which is a good sign.

Below are some effective measures through which you can control your anger.


You must have often seen people breathing slowly and deeply while they are angry. This move really works! In fact, it’s one of the most simple and effective anger control measure. Make sure that you keep breathing slowly for a few minutes, and you will feel the nerves relaxing, your pulses slowing up, and your anger vanishing away.


As much meditation has loads of benefits in store. It provides one with peace of mind, and thereby helps us control the anger. It’s important that one devotes some time from their daily routine for meditation, to ensure that anger does not survive within them for too long.


One can’t defy the fact that we all commit mistakes at some stage of our life, and we all expect some kind of mercy or forgiveness when we do such mistakes. Likewise, develop the habit of forgiveness, which will help you stay away from anger.


A simple smile is a great tool to defuse anger from our lives. Develop the habit of laughing at yourself, and you will realize that the world is a much better place to live than you ever thought of it!

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