How to Read People's Minds – Secret Ways to Read People's Thoughts

Most of us often wish to read other person’s mind to uncover the hidden secrets behind their face. While there is no foolproof method which will guarantee results with 100% accuracy, there are several effective means which you help you gauge what the other person is thinking.

Below are some effective tips which will help you achieve this feat.

Body Language

One of the primary steps involve understanding the body language of the person. The body movements will provide you with some key indications of what the other person thinks. For instance, while in a meeting if the person’s feet are towards the direction of the door, then the person is most likely not interested in the meeting, and wants to leave the room as soon as possible. Likewise, if a person is standing in front of you with folded hands, it implies that the person is less receptive to your suggestions, or is quite defensive. A lying person will unknowingly point his/her knees to the left. This pattern is the same with right or left handed individuals.

Eye Movement

Another key body organ which will help you sneak into a person’s mind is their eyes. Usually when an individual is trying to compose an image out of nothing, they will generally look upward towards the left. The same eye movements will be depicted when a person is trying to think of a lie on the spot. An individual trying to recollect an image will also look upward, but towards the right. Although these eye movements are an effective measure to read a person’s mind, don’t consider them a bible of instructions.


Sound is another apparent sign which will help you read someone’s mind. More than often, this is one of the biggest and most prominent clue. This clue will prove extremely useful, when you know a person really well. If you experience a change in the person’s tone, then this should give you an idea what he/she means. If the individual is an absolute stranger to you, then go with your intuition as your listen to the person. If there are many other individuals who know the stranger better than you, then you get a chance to judge the person by other people’s reaction. If they are giggling over his/her statements, then you should know that his/her statements may carry half truth.

The dream of gaining the ability to secretly read other people’s minds has been around for a quite some time now. Once considered as an impossible feat is now pretty much achievable with clever planning and conscious efforts.

Combine and practice all the above mentioned techniques, and within no time you will see yourself as an expert reading other people’s mind. You will need to harvest some efforts initially, however, once you gain enough practice, this ability will come naturally to you, thus helping you learn the hidden secrets within the person’s mind with least or no extra efforts at all. Now, enjoy the Sherlock Homes personality present within you!

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  1. Maddiehessrox Reply
    April 27, 2012 at 7:30 am

    I want to be able to read people's minds so I don't always have to ask them.

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