Tips on How to Fall Asleep Fast

Staying awake while the whole world is sleeping is one of most sickening experience in itself. If you are frequently unable to take a quick nap despite your best efforts, then this is certainly a matter of grave concern. However, the more you ponder about this issue, it will affect you all the more. If you think sleeping pills are your best friend, then you may want to remove this thought from your rusted mind. Sleeping pills are a temporary fix for a long term problem. Not to forget the lethal side effects associated with long term consumption of sleeping pills.

Below are some time tested measures which you can incorporate in your life to fall asleep quickly.

Clear the Mess

If you have been sleeping in a messy zone/area, without giving a damn thought that this might affect your sleep, then think twice. Firstly, a messy bedroom showcases a messy lifestyle. Organize your bedroom nicely, and clear out all the cluster found around your sleeping area. If possible, fix a water fountain beside your bed. The soothing sound of the flowing water will help you fall asleep very quickly.

Early Dinner

Make it a point to have your dinner few hours before the bedtime. Also, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Alcohol consumption should be avoided as it will impact the quality of your sleep.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good bedtime habits contribute a lot towards quick sleep. Try to relax yourself before going to bed. Drink a glass of warm milk or have an apple or a banana before plunging into the bed. If you add honey to a glass of milk, then it will help you fall asleep faster. Also, brush your teeth before going to bed to avoid tooth decay. Take a warm bath with a good herbal oil to relax your mind and body completely, thereby offering you great peace of mind.

Avoid Sleeping During the Day Time

Don’t expect a great night sleep, if you can’t limit your habit of day time nap. If you completely avoid sleeping during the day time, then you will fall asleep faster during the night.

Bore Yourself

This strategy also works wonders. Some people indulge in reading activities before going to sleep. If you don’t have a store of books, then read newspapers.

Soundproof Room

Sound is the prime culprit which deprives most individuals from falling asleep soon. If you are amongst these individuals, then sleep inside a soundproof room. You can also consider closing all the windows or wearing earplugs before going to bed.

Adjust Lights

It’s no secret that people tend to fall asleep soon in a dark place. Switch off the lights or adjust them appropriately so that they do not turn out to be a disturbing factor for you.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises can also serve as a great resource to fall asleep quickly. Breathing exercises will barely take few minutes of your time, however the resulting benefits would be enormous.

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