How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss impairs life to a great extent. It will prevent you from participating in general conversation and hearing the most loved music. Hearing loss can affect either one ear or both ears. The affects of hearing loss will be different in individuals with same degree of hearing loss. To enjoy the God’s given gift of hearing for many years to come, it is essential to take certain measures.

The following are some of the measures to be taken to prevent hearing loss:

• Exposure to very loud sounds is the major cause for hearing loss. Increased exposure to sounds that are above 85 decibels increases the risk of hearing loss.

• If you work as a fire engine driver or an ambulance driver, take appropriate measures to reduce the intensity of hearing the siren sound as these sirens give a sound in the range of 105 to 140 decibels.

• Increase in the technology resulted in the development of ipod’s and MP3 players that are also increasing the risk of developing hearing loss. Hence, reduce their usage. Use them in very low volume. Music should be soothing to the ear, but not harmful.

• Individuals who remain on phone conversations for longer period are also at increased risk. Hence, use either speaker phones or if the talk it is a very long one, try to do it personally, if possible.

• In fact, even the sound in low decibel range is also harmful if heard for a very period of time. It is even more dangerous than loud sound heard intermittently. It is recommended to use ear plugs to reduce the intensity of the sound you hear.

• In some cases, single exposure to very large sounds such as gun firing can result in permanent damage to the ears resulting in hearing loss. Hence, stay away from such sounds. If unavoidable, consider using ear plugs to protect the ears from those high intensity sounds.

• Research studies show that intake of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and minerals such as magnesium help to prevent hearing loss. This is especially useful in people who cannot use ear muffs to avoid hearing large sounds. It is a must for soldiers residing in the battle ground for great many days. These vitamins can be taken as supplements or as a part of a nutribar.

• Women who are expecting to become pregnant should take MMR vaccine, to prevent birth of babies with hearing loss. It is found that diseases such as measles increase the risk of developing hearing loss.

One last factor that is essential to remember is that while using any sort of machinery such as lawn mower, you should be able to hear outside noises. If you are not able to hear outside noises, then you are hearing a very big noise and you should consider using ear muffs. Another factor to judge that you are being exposed to a very large voice is if you are unable to hear the voice of a person who is just three feet away. In all these cases, it is recommended to use earmuffs that are of high quality. However, in some cases such as genetic defects, hearing loss is unavoidable.

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