Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

Presence of thick red, silvery patches on the skin is termed as psoriasis. It is seen in people who are in the age limit of fifteen to thirty years. Both men and women are at increased risk for the disease. However, it is not seen in younger and elder people. As feared by many, psoriasis is not a contagious disease as it is not caused by any parasitic agent. But, it is due to changes in the immune system. Psoriasis is generally due to hereditary factors, seasonal changes and due to abnormality in the protein metabolism. Here are some of the simple home remedies to cure psoriasis:

• Dissolve certain amount of Epsom salt in hot water and have a bath. Application of olive oil after having bath gives best results.

• A best home remedy to obtain relief from psoriasis is to take a regular bath in sea water or at least application of sea water in the affected regions.

• Bitter gourd juice taken along with lime juice early in the morning on an empty stomach gives good results within four to six months. About a cup of bitter gourd has to be taken regularly for effective results. The best effect of this remedy is to due to promotion of the detoxification process.

• Some people say that application of mud packs at the affected region also provides effective results. This is due to removal of toxin from the region by the mud particles.

• Application of soft cabbage leaves, like remove the veins and then compresses the leaves over the affected area to obtain relief from psoriasis naturally.

• Regular exposure to sunlight early in the morning also gives good results for psoriasis.

• Intake of about 200-800 I.U of vitamin E regularly also provides relief from the itching that is seen in psoriasis. You can even apply vitamin E creams. Another effective measure is to dissolve a capsule of vitamin E in the cream and mix it thoroughly and use it regularly.

• Lecithin, a fatty acid is also found to give perfect results for psoriasis. Intake of about six to nine capsules of lecithin regularly gives effective results.

• A mixture of aloe vera gel and garlic oil also gives effective results for psoriasis.

• Regular application of cashew nut oil regularly at night time before going to bed also helps to reduce psoriasis.

• A mixture of castor oil, wheat germ oil and sunflower oil gives very good results for psoriasis.

• About two drops of calendula oil and a drop of oregano oil mixed in a cup of olive oil serves as an effective remedy for psoriasis.

• Boil about four marigold heads in four cups of water for about two minutes. Let the solution to cool and apply it at the affected area. If the scalp is affected with psoriasis, massage the scalp with this solution and wash it with a mild shampoo. Addition of lemon juice and cider vinegar into the rinsing water is recommended.

As can be seen from the above discussion, it is very easy to get rid of psoriasis with simple home remedies. If you do not see any improvement with the above remedies, it is recommended to consult a physician to prevent skin damage.

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  1. Doug Reply
    July 2, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    What a poorly written article. While the "remedies" are really only something that provides temporary relief to a genetic issue, it is misleading and just poor writing to refer to any of these as "cures" for psoriasis. No "cures" exist. Only symptomatic therapies for the most part are available so far. No "cures." Further, the article fails to distinguish between the several forms of psoriasis, some of which would only likely be irritated by these "cures." Poor research and understanding, and this, and several other articles on this site have undermined in possible sense of credibility for the site.

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