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Everyone these days has a hot water bottle at home. In case you do not have one then it is time that you buy one for the advantages that this bottle has. The hot water bottles are pretty inexpensive and prove to be one of the most useful items, by relieving pain and providing comfort and warmth. These bottles can be used instead of heating pads and alleviate all types of pains including menstrual cramps.

With hot water bottles, you can be free from the worry of shorting wires or puncturing the bottle, as it is quite thick and you can carry it with you everywhere. You can push it inside your jacket or even sleep on it without any worries. The hot water bottles are made of fuzzy polyester and do not have any electromagnetic rays as produced by heating pads. They are the most natural and the best way of delivering heat in the most natural way.

The hot water bottle provides all the warmth without increasing the fuel costs or the electricity bill. You can just warm up some water and fill it in the hot water bottle and have it kept under your blanket or relax with it while watching television or just reading something. It relieves you from the pain and gives comfort. There are some bottles that come with the faux fur and give a warm fuzzy feeling when applied. These bottles are good when someone is feeling cold and provides warmth in the best way.

On one hand where electric blankets are good for night and provide warmth, they also raise the electricity bills. Placing the hot water bottle under the blanket a few minutes before you go to bed can gives you the same feeling of warmth. Back pain has always been a problem for a number of people; most of the people suffer from this condition at some point of their life. Heat is one of the best ways in which you can get relief from the back pain. Hot water bottles are one of the best things that can be used in such cases. They can be molded while sitting or lying and in any position and provide heat to the area which, alleviates the pain.

There are smaller versions of these hot water bottles also available in the market for the smaller parts of the body. They ease stiffness and pain and can also be used as a cold compress to reduce the swelling. You can fill the hot water bottle with ½ cup of water and keep it in the freezer. It forms a cold pack that can be used for reducing the swelling. The hot water bottles come in different colors and styles and you can choose one of your choice. So, get your hot water bottle today and take advantage of all the uses that the bottle has.

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  • I use a hot water bottle for comfort and to ease muscle pain. I just wish they would come up with a different design as in one that can wrap around ur neck or lay across ur shoulders without u having to hold it on. Love them tho.

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Jason Ladock