How to Cure Asthma Without Drugs

A great number of people suffering with asthma use drugs. But, most of these drugs cause serious side effects such as mood swings, depression, angry, insomnia and many other side effects. Most of the ill effects are mainly due to the corticosteroids that are the components of many asthma inhalers. An attempt has been made in this article to introduce you certain simple ways to cure asthma without using medications.

• Individuals suffering with asthma should increase their lung capacity like the ability to breathe in and breathe out. This can be very easily improved by regular practice of exercises such as running, jogging and swimming. This will ease the person to breathe more conveniently and reduce the extent of asthma attacks. Even in cases of asthma attacks, the person will have the ability to control the extent of breathing compared to others. However, care should be taken not to exercise in cold weather. In addition to the physical exercises, it is essential to practice breathing exercises to increase the lung capacity.

• To cope up with the stress associated with the asthma attacks, it is essential to maintain the fitness of the body. This can be done by increased consumption of flavonoids, which are the essential components present in a wide variety of fruits such as apples, berries and other enzymes. By maintaining a fit body, you can very easily combat asthma attacks with controlled breathing eliminating the need of medications.

• The major cause of asthma in many people is contact with allergens. An easy way to cure asthma is to identify the causative agent and stay away from it. This is very simple way to avoid asthma attacks. Some of the common irritants include the dust, pollen grains, cold weather and molds. If you are dusting the house, there is a great chance of having asthma attacks. Hence, take care by covering the nose and mouth with a clean cloth or any other mask to filter the dust particles and molds.

• Sufficient care has to be taken regarding the dietary habits. Certain foods are very active in initiating the asthma symptoms. However, certain foods such as the fish varieties such as tuna, mackerel and salmon play a great role in reducing the symptoms of asthma attacks and should be included in the diet of an asthma patient. Their action is due to the production of anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the extent of constriction that is blocking the air passage. Other foods that reduce the asthma symptoms include spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and also fruits that are rich in vitamin C and B.

• Chlorine which is generally found in drinking water serves as an activator for receptors within the lungs and throat. To avoid these adverse effects of chlorine, it is essential to consume chlorine free water.

• Certain oils such as the lavender oil, rose oil and chamomile help to reduce the asthma attacks. They act by increasing the lung capacity to breathe deep. They even help to reduce the extent of muscle spasms. However, before using these oils do not forget to check them for allergens.

By regular practice of all the above measures, it is possible for every asthma patient to lead a drug free life.

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  1. Lonnie Reply
    June 30, 2012 at 8:25 am

    thank you for the information… I have a wider idea now to prevent my asthma

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