An Apple a Day Keeps the Lung Cancer Away

Lung cancer is a disease highly common among smokers and those working regularly with asbestos or exposed to high levels of pollution. The disease develops in the lungs but then quickly spreads around the body via the blood or lymph systems. Earlier symptoms of lung cancer commonly resemble those of the common cold or flu, such as a persistent cough, chest pains, wheezing and difficulty breathing, and fever. The difficulty of diagnosing the symptoms and the speed of the spread of lung cancer makes the disease very difficult to treat. It therefore comes as good news that scientists have discovered that apples may decrease the chance of a person developing the disease.

Apples as a fruit are not only important to eat as one of your five a day to promote a healthy balanced diet and a healthy body, but also contain phytochemicals. These are antioxidants which also hold properties similar to chemotherapy. Apples have been found to impede the development of cancer forming. Research has indeed found that eating apples regularly can decrease the chance of developing lung cancer by up to as much as 20%, good news for those most at risk of developing the disease. Apples have also been found to contribute to preventing other diseases and disorders, such as liver cancer, colon cancer, kidney stones, and lowering cholesterol. Apples of course also contribute towards losing weight.

When eating apples it is important to eat the skin of the apple as this is where the phytochemicals are found. Make sure to eat the whole apple too, to get the benefit of all the phytochemicals it contains. Cooking fruit as apples can often cook off beneficial nutrients available, such as vitamins and minerals, so it is encouraged to eat apples raw. However if this gets boring and you would prefer to have some variety when eating your apples, there are many ways that you can serve apples. These range from adding sliced apples to salads, cereals and fruit salads, to cooking them along side meats. Apple is particularly suited to being served alongside pork, such as being cooked sliced on top of pork chops. Apple can also be served with chicken. Apple eaten alongside cheese can also make a different and interesting combination. With so many varieties of apple available, it is worth testing the apple to see what benefits it has to offer you.

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