Depression in Teens – Sleep Disturbances

Teenage is full of confusions about the future and many unfulfilled desires. If teenagers are not given enough support during this period of time, there is risk of developing the signs of depression. The most common signs of depression include insomnia, sleeping for long hours, getting up early, avoiding social gatherings, fatigue, lower grades, crying even for simple issues and the desire to remain isolated.

Sleep disturbances of various types such as oversleeping, sleeplessness, getting up very early in the morning and unable to sleep continuously for more than two to three hours at nights. Whatever is the type of sleep disturbance, it should be treated to avoid other problems such as reduced immunological responses. Many people start using sleep medications to control the sleeping problems, but it is essential to consult a physician before starting any medication to rule out any medical conditions.

It is essential to pay attention our children’s sleep and that a teenager should have the required nine hours of sleep at night time. Encourage them to go to bed early in the night and get up early in the morning. Make strict rules to not chat with friends at night. By having a perfect sleep at night, it is possible to avoid mood swings at day time and reduce the risk of being a victim of depression.

To let the teenager have a good night sleep throughout the night, have a chat with him or her before going to bed. Encourage them to reveal their problems. Make sure that you totally understand their feelings and try to give a solution out of your experiences. You can even discuss your teenage experiences with the child. This will be very soothing and relaxing for the teenager and is a very helpful way to bring the teenager out of depression.

Another simple way to avoid sleep disturbances caused due to depression in teenagers is to encourage them to have a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet will not only keeps you healthy but also boosts the mental power to fight against the odds and lead a goal oriented life.

If your teenager is avoiding social gatherings, encourage him to join the sports club or other healthy activities. If the child is under depression and is not in a state to respond for your motivation, try to arrange a gathering right at your home and encourage him to participate with your help. This enables them to know how much you care for them and they will move forward to share their feelings with you.

If any of the above tricks are not working to improve your depressed teenager, take the help of a psychiatrist. If the sleep disturbances are very severe that the general health is being affected, the psychiatrist may recommend certain anti-depressants to control the hormonal secretion and reduce the level of depression.

Sleeping disturbances are very common in teenagers who are under depression and it is very easy to overcome those problems with proper support and counseling from psychiatrist in worst cases.

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