What Is Water Intoxication?

A lot of experts especially in the medical field are always saying that people need to drink plenty of plain water, but this is not always the case. Drinking too much plain water can sometimes endanger people’s lives especially for people who are doing strenuous activity and also to infants. This condition is called as water intoxication. The body normally comprises 70% of water. It is true that water helps in hydrating the body especially during hot season. The water helps the body and all the system of the body to function at its optimal level. However, drinking too much plain water can cause over hydration.

Excessive drinking of plain water can dilute the normal sodium level of the body. Sodium is also needed in normal functioning of the body. Although some people are restricted with sodium still minimum sodium is necessary. Low sodium level in the body may result in a condition called hyponatremia. Electrolyte imbalance may happen if a person drinks too much plain water. This condition occurs normally in infants who are dehydrated. Infants under six years of age as well as athletes most likely develop hyponatremia.

Infants who are drinking too much water than the actual recommended value will have difficulty in excreting extra fluid than older infants can. Excess fluid will be retained inside their body causing water intoxication. Babies who are in infant swimming lessons should be guided by their parents because they might intake water and cause over hydration.

Sodium is being eliminated inside the body by means of sweat. Sodium is losing during strenuous activity or sporting events where athletes experience too much sweating. Athletes should avoid during plain water instead they should drink water with sodium and electrolyte. They have to take this kind of beverages after or in between the event. Athletes are high risk in developing hyponatremia. Sports drinks are highly recommended for athletes to maintain the electrolyte and sodium level during the game.

Patients who have problems in their kidneys should be aware of their water intake within the day. Kidneys which are not functioning normally cannot excrete excess water inside the body. Overload of fluid within the body may cause high blood pressure. In effect, it can contribute to heart disease in the future.

It is important to drink plenty of water for normal individuals who are not doing extraneous activity that may cause lost of sodium and electrolyte level within the body. Water is imperative to people in order to do their daily activities, without water, our body will lose its life. Kidney is one of the organs that is responsible in maintaining the fluid balance within the body without the kidney functioning very well, it can affect water intake. People with renal failure do not experience the enjoyment of taking water freely. They need to monitor their water intake every day which is a very daunting task to do. Healthy people should give importance in taking care of their kidneys and to take water within its normal level to avoid water intoxication.

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  1. Emma Reply
    October 18, 2014 at 5:19 am

    I found this article "ok" if there was anything I would want to know it would be what body system does "water intoxication" interfere with?

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