Your Baby and Eczema

One of the worst things that new mothers can experience is their baby having eczema. Mothers should help their baby by avoiding them to scratch their skin with eczema. Scratching can make the condition worse and infected. You have to learn few tips on how you can prevent your baby from scratching their eczema. As a mother with a baby that has eczema, you have to always sanitize your hand whenever you are carrying your baby to prevent infection. Mothers can use sanitizing gel to make their hands free from any kind of bacteria that can make the situation worse. Here are other tips to stop your baby from scratching their eczema:

• Prepare a lukewarm bath for your baby and make use of cold compress every time you observe that the eczema is flaring up and becoming itchy. It can cool your baby down and prevent them in scratching the affected part. You can also use some additives that can prevent itching of the eczema such as oatmeal and baking soda. Do not make the bath longer and apply moisturizer after bath.

• It is important to keep your babies fingernails shorter. You may trim their nails every day so that it cannot be used for scratching. Place cotton mittens on your baby’s hands to prevent them from damaging the affected part.

• Do not forget to consult your physician because they might recommend an antihistamine to be taken by mouth. It is better to treat the eczema but it is good to have some preventive measure to avoid worsening of the eczema.

• Do not overdress your baby because it can attract heat. Heat can trigger the eczema to itch. Minimize the amount of stuff toys beside your baby’s crib.

• Parents should be aware about their baby’s food sensitivity. It is possible that your baby is experiencing food sensitivity. Dairy products maybe one of the food that can trigger allergy on your baby that might cause the production of eczema. Glutinous foods are also one of the numerous foods that can generate eczema on your baby. These are two of the foods that you should be aware of if you observe your baby having eczema. Bear in mind that there are also some other foods aside from dairy and gluten foods that can cause eczema such as tomatoes. To eliminate your eczema you can just simply detect or observe foods that can trigger allergic reaction on your baby. As parents you should be very observant.

• It is better if your baby is consuming breast milk instead of powdered milk. Breast milk has a lot of positive benefits not only to the baby but also on the part of the mother as well. Breast milk is full of nutrients and natural antibodies that can protect your baby from other diseases. There are certain liquid called colostrums that is a natural and the first antibody that all babies should have. It can be found at the first milk that is produce by the mother after delivery.

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