Kidney Reflux – The Causes and Symptoms


Kidney plays a vital role in making the body healthy. It is associated with a lot of functions inside the body. One of the major functions it plays is being done by the kidney. Without the kidney human beings will suffer from a lot of medical conditions. The kidney is responsible in maintaining the proper level of salt and water in blood. The kidney also produces certain kinds of hormones that control and regulate blood pressure. That is why people with kidney problems typically develop high blood pressure. Also, the most important part of kidney is to eliminate waste products inside the body. Like other organs and systems within the body, there are conditions that might endanger the normal function of the kidney. One of these conditions is the kidney reflux.

A ureter will serve as the main bridge for urine to enter the bladder. Each kidney has its own ureter to handle urines. By the time that the urine enters the bladder through the ureter it will remain in the bladder temporarily. There are certain valve at the point where the ureter and the bladder meets, this valve prevent the urine from flowing back at the kidney. The back flowing of urine from the bladder to the kidney will happen if these valves are not functioning normally. This certain condition is known as the kidney reflux.

This condition can be life threatening because it can attract the formation of infections if left untreated. One of the most severe cases of having kidney reflux is renal failure. This problem can develop both in children and adults. There are a lot of factors that can be the main cause of having kidney reflux. The first factors that most experts agreed are genetics. Another factor is congenital abnormalities. It means that newly born babies can acquire this problem even at birth.

This condition has a lot of symptoms that you can look out for. People with kidney reflux can suffer from reoccurring bladder infection. This kidney disease is called pyelonephritis. Many patients with kidney reflux suffer from back pain. Other symptoms include high urination frequency, nausea, and burning sensation during urination, vomiting, bloody urine, foaming urine, and bed wetting. If you are already experiencing some of these symptoms it is important to quickly see a doctor for medical assistance. There are many tests that could determine the condition. The first method is by means of kidney ultrasound. Doctors can also use the so called Micturating cystourethrogram or the (MCU); it is a method where the bladder is filled with special dye then conduct an x-ray.

Another effective test is by having a blood test and urine test. Earlier detection of this problem can ease you with a lot of disaster ahead. Kidney reflux in children requires very keen observation in the part of the parents or guardians. If you observe that your child is having problems with their regular urine, it is better to see a physician. Surgery can also be done to repair the damage valves.

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