How to Stop Eating Empty Calorie Foods

Can you last a day without a can of soft drink? Are you fond of eating fruits and vegetables? If your answer is a big NO to both questions, then now is a perfect time to change for a healthier lifestyle in 2010.

Do not be fooled by the word “empty calories”. Empty calories mean food items that have little to no nutritional value yet loaded with calories. Food items which belong to this list include soft drink, alcohol, chips, fast food menu items and the like.

If cutting all of these items seems like a huge sacrifice. Thus, take a look at these simple tips to guide you in choosing food items wisely.

1. Do not make drastic changes. Take it slowly. If you are the kind of person who has been drinking soft drink every meal for years, it will be difficult to cut off soft drinks instantly. Make a food diary. Write your goals, example: substitute soft drinks with iced tea at dinner time. Alternatives are much better and realistic than totally cutting it out from your system. It might be surprising for you to know that drinking a glass of soft drink is like eating 5 pieces of hard candies. Imagine, how many glasses of soda can you consume in a day? In a week? And in years? It is enough to damage your teeth plus a bonus of a condition called diabetes mellitus in the long run. Does it gradually wean yourself until you can totally eradicate it in your system?

2. Do not starve yourself. Start your day right. Eat your breakfast. Choose nutritious food items at breakfast such as cereals and fruits to help you get along with your activities throughout the day. Depriving yourself of energy increases the possibility of munching calorie dense food items just to perk you up.

3. Color your plate. Load your plate with green, yellow and orange colored food such as tomato, cabbages, and carrots. Put in your mind, that the more colorful your plate is, the healthier your meal is. Eating wisely means variety and balance in your daily intake.

4. Learn to read nutritional labels. Nutritional labels at the back of food packages are design to let the consumers know what they are about to take in into their bodies. Be cautious on the amount of sodium in a pack of chips. A small pack of chips usually contain 240-300 milligrams of sodium. The recommended intake of sodium of a normal individual usually ranges form 2000-6000 milligrams in a day.

5. Lastly, never use food items to alleviate your depressed mood. People usually treat themselves with calorie dense food whenever they feel down, without realizing the effects of it. Chances are you will find yourself craving for a chocolate cake whenever you feel lonely again and again. Think of other ways, to brighten up your day, such as playing badminton with friends or walking in the park. Be active when you feel sad.

The bottom line is. We must be aware of the effects of empty calories in our system. One of the modifiable factors associated with diseases affecting mankind nowadays is eating too much of vitamins and mineral deficient food items. We are what we eat. So be kind to your body and choose wellness.

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