The Grandparent-Grandchild Bond


Grandchildren are the precious possession most grandparents have. During this age, grandparents are devoting their time mostly in the family. Even if they are already old, they can still bond with their grandchildren by doing simple activities. Grandchildren should appreciate the presence of their grandparents. Spend time with them while they can still do some activities with you. Do not let the time passes by without spending a good time with your grandparents. Wasted time can never be recovered so make the most out of it while they are still strong enough. If you are planning great activities to do with your grandparents, here are several fun activities that you can both enjoy:

• A picnic activity is one way of increasing the bonding between you and your grandparents. This is the most suitable activity for them because they can relax and sit beside them. Older persons like sharing their past experiences. Allow your grandparents to share some of their past experience while eating your favorite snack. Listening to their stories can make them very happy. Sometimes, older people just want someone whom they can talk too. You can also go fishing together with your grandfather. This is a very rewarding activity for them.

• You can also arrange a get together party with all your cousins for your grandparents. It should a family party with no loud music. It is better if you play the songs that they use to play. It is nice if all grandchildren will make their own special messages for their grandparents. You can give them some items that can help them reminisce the past. Remember to always be patient when your grandparents started their story telling.

• Another great bonding experience is through cooking. You can ask them to teach you to cook one of their specialties. Most grandmothers love sharing their specialty on cooking especially to their grandchildren. You can also bond by buying the ingredients that you will need for your cooking session. Sharing their well loved recipes with their grandchildren can give them the joy that they deserve.

• Ask about one of their favorite books. Making a conversation out of this can bring out their interest. It is important to older person to have someone that they can share their stories and thoughts. Sometimes, older person are neglected by their family members.

• Strolling to the park with them can make them happy as well as help them to get plenty of exercises everyday by walking. Walking with their grandchildren is much fun than walking alone.

As grandchildren it is your duty to make your grandparents feel very special. Let them know how special they are by giving them the opportunity to spend time with you. Not all people still have their grandparents. For people who still have their grandparents with them, they should make the most out of it. Make sure that they are happy and feel loved by all the members of the family. Simple activities can make them extremely happy.

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