How to Avoid Hamster Fighting

Hamster is a social creature that usually taken cared of at home. Kids like having hamster as pet because of their small frame size body and cute features. Although, they are social creatures, hamsters also get into fights. Hamster behaves strangely around humans every time they get into fight. One of the best things to do to avoid this kind of circumstances is to avoid your pet from any kind of fight. You can learn several tips on how to stop your pet from fighting by reading this article.

One of the main reasons why hamster gets into fight is incompatibility. A lot of pet owners are not aware that there are species of hamster that you have to keep alone away from other species. There are also certain species that can only socialize with the same sex. If you observe that your pets are always fighting then, maybe this is the right time to make some research about the breed of your hamster. This can help your solve problem and understand the specific needs of each of your pet.

There are species of hamster that can socialize with the opposite sex. When it comes to hamster, it is advisable that you keep pets of the same sex. If you want to incorporate specie of diverse sex, you have to introduce your pets when they are young. Keep in mind that neutered females and males require at least one week to adjust with each other.

Another reason why hamster always gets into fight is because of a smaller place or cages. Pet that are place in a small cage with limited space have a natural tendency to fight worth each other because of territorial reason. Each of them wants to own their territory. It is suitable that hamster should not be put inside an overcrowded cage. The best method to avoid fighting among your hamster is to buy big cages where they can explore and live a normal life. You may also place some hideouts for your timid hamster for them to hide themselves whenever there are fights among other hamster.

There are species of hamster that wants to have fight for no reason. Hamsters naturally fight with each other especially the alpha male and the beat male species. It is better to observe the hamster that always making trouble and separate it from the others. Female hamsters also fight with each other and often the weakest female hamsters are hurt. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to protect the weakest hamster whether male or female. You can separate the weakest hamster to prevent the other from making fun of them. You can look for the same specie of the hamster that belongs to the weakest group so that it will not be lonely when separate with the others. It is important that they enjoy the company of other hamster inside the cage.

All of these tips can help you become efficient pet owner. Hamster pet owners are advised to purchase spare cage in case of fights.

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  1. Bobby Reply
    March 11, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Hello. I have some questions… ummmmmm how do u know if ur hamsters are gonna fight, and should I get 1 syrian hamster or 2 winter white dwarf hamsters?



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