Teaching Kids to Recycle

The future of mother earth lies on the hands of every family who teaches their kids about recycling. It’s not too early to teach kids about the goodness of recycling. It is better if they understand how recycling can save mother earth as early as possible. It does not necessary to fill your house with recyclable items just to achieve your goal. Recycling is one way of helping the earth to reduce waste and pollution that are filling the water system and the land as well. Involving yourself together with your kids to activities that promotes recycling is a fun activity for the whole family.

Education about recycling and awareness about its benefits can be passed on from generation to generation. Follow these simple steps on how you can teach your kids to recycle:

• You can educate your children about where does recyclable items comes from. For example, tell your kids that paper and other items made from paper come from trees. Explain to them the benefit of recycling papers. If they want to save these poor trees they have to recycle papers in order to preserve many trees.

• Enrolling your kids to programs and different seminars about environment can increase their awareness about recycling. You can find great activities where you can involve your kids. Look over the internet to find programs that your kids can join. One of the most trusted and well known programs is the Environmental kids club. It is operated by EPA. You can check their website over the internet for further information.

• You have to let your child be in charge about the recycling scheme at your own home. This can teach your child on how to be a more responsible citizen of the world. They can create signs for your garbage cans. This is a fun activity for them where they can use their creativity and imagination. Your kids can monitor the recycling habits of everyone inside your home.

• As parents, make sure that you practice what you teach. Parents should set good examples for their kids to follow. Recycle your own things as a good example for your kids.

• You may also let your children to have their own garden where they can grow vegetables. Growing their own garden at home can help save the earth by not buying vegetable that are packed with plastic packages. Plastic are one of the main causes of pollutants in the earth. Plastic will remain above the earth for millions of years because it is a non-biodegradable item.

• Kids can collect your used bottles and tin cans and take them to recycling centers to exchange these recyclable items for money. Money can motivate your kids as well as they can feel very proud of themselves by earning their own money.

Today, a lot of teens and kids are helping and involving themselves in activities that can help the earth. This is a good sign that the next generations are more aware of protecting and caring for the environment.

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