Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy – A Simple Guide to Identify Pregnancy Before Missed Period

As you advance further in your pregnancy stage, you will encounter loads of emotional and physical signals from the body letting you know about some big changes to happen. Our body is a great source of communication as we experience some notable symptoms within ourselves.

In most cases, a woman will encounter more than one symptom, which will allow her to identify pregnancy before missing period. However, at first it’s not necessary that you may feel that these symptoms are related to pregnancy. Combination of few symptoms will help you determine the exact state of health.

Let’s have a look at some of the earliest signs of pregnancy which will help you detect your pregnancy in time.

Temperature of the Body

Change in body temperature is one amongst the most common symptoms a conceiving woman would experience. During the time of ovulation, a subtle change is apparent. However, if the temperature stays elevated even after the ovulation period until the end of the periods, then you should know that this is a certain sign of pregnancy. Body temperature should be properly recorded to determine the exact state. There are various over the counter tools which can help you record body temperature easily.

Change in Breasts Size

Noticeable change can be experienced in the breast size as well. In most cases, a woman will experience fullness in her breasts. This sign can be witnessed before missing the period.

Frequent Urination

If you find yourself urinating very often, then this is also an indication of pregnancy. Excessive urination is caused due to a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. If you happen to consult a doctor, he/she will conduct a laboratory test to check the existence of human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine. There are several misconceptions prevailing in the market about the condition related to excessive urination. It’s advisable that one consults a doctor upon experiencing such a situation to understand the exact cause.


A woman can experience cramps after conception. Cramps are a result of the ligaments making way for the new baby to develop space to grow inside the body. Although some women may not feel the cramps at all, the ligaments do make way inside the body to create space for the soon to come baby. Most women out there would complain about a tightening sensation around their womb area. Cramping is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Once you are tested positive with a pregnancy test kit, it’s imperative that you consult a good doctor at the earliest. The doctor will evaluate your condition and discuss the earliest signs of pregnancy with you. Most likely, the doctor will also take a blood test. Once the pregnancy stage is confirmed, he/she will supply with you a pregnancy due date. Pregnancy due date will certainly be one of the most awaited days in your life. After all, you will be blessed with a loving baby on that date.

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