How to Overcome Your Fear of Swimming

We all live with some kind of fear buried within us. The fear of heights, water and fire find a top spot in the list of fears that exist in our society today. While we can avoid heights and fire to a great extent, water is a necessary substance in our day to day life. There are loads of individuals out there who live with the fear of jumping in the water or swimming. Just like any other kind of fear, the fear of swimming can also be eradicated.

While we find ourselves gazing at the enticing waves and beauty of the ocean, it’s a fact that the ocean is filled with as much unpredictability as much as the unpredictable wave lengths. The otherwise calm ocean can turn into a devastating body of water killing lives and properties in no time. These are pretty strong reasons why one would have a fear for swimming. Swimming pools are no way unpredictable as compared to an ocean. There are no strong waves or dangerous change in water levels which can have life threatening impact. However, there are individuals who live with the fear that they might sink into the water the moment they enter into the pool of water.

When it comes to fear of swimming in the pool, this kind of fear is filled with anxiety. Somewhere within us we know that this fear is illogical, but we find ourselves helpless against the illogical fear. Let’s learn how to overcome the fear of swimming.

The best way to overcome your fear for swimming in the water is to find a partner. Of course, the partner should not be suffering from the same problem. A good partner can help you feel less anxious by offering you physical as well as emotional support while you are in the water. You will also not be very scared to go deeper into the water since you are aware that there is a helping hand to save you if things do not fall in place.

One of the important things to know over here is that water can support your body weight, thus allowing you to float in the water as long as you know how to hold yourself in the water.

Spend some time near the edge of water and feel the pleasant water, in order to kill your hesitation before entering into the water. Once you are comfortable, enter into the water along with your partner. Take a walk with your partner’s support inside the water, while still being at the edge of the pool. Remember, along with your partner, the edge of the swimming pool is also your best friend when it comes to overcoming your fear of swimming.

This will help you gain confidence, and slowly and gradually you can go deeper into the water. Once you know that you have spent sufficient time in the water fighting your fear, it’s time to hire a swimming instructor to learn swimming.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    June 13, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Title says how to overcome fear of swimming. The actual content is how to overcome fear of entering a pool. 2 different things.

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