How to Have a Baby Boy – Ways to Increase the Chances of Having a Boy

Are you desperately looking for information on how to have a baby boy? It would be a certain blessing for most parents out there if they were able to choose the gender of their baby. While there are no measures that can offer you 100% assurance, you can certainly try out natural measures which can increase the chances of having a baby of your choice.

Unlike the past, parents today would want to have a choice over their baby as they prefer to have not more than one child. Let’s learn some measures by which you can turn the odds in your favor and increase the chances of conceiving a boy.

Adequate knowledge about sperms can be used to your advantage to own a baby boy. As such, the baby’s gender is determined by the man’s sperm. The ovum is neither a boy nor a girl.

Female sperm move slowly as compared to male sperm. Also, female sperm are larger in comparison to male sperm. Male sperm survive better than female sperm in alkaline environments, whereas female sperm survive better than male sperm in acidic conditions. This information can be very beneficial in conceiving a baby boy.

If your sexual intercourse is closer to the ovulation, you increase your chances of having a boy as male sperm which are quick in comparison to female sperm arrive at the ovum first. They fertilize before the arrival of female sperm.

Also, the ph levels present inside the vagina varies based on the area. The area near the cervix is more alkaline in comparison to the entrance which is acidic. This implies that greater penetration during orgasm favors male sperm, thereby promoting the chances of having a baby boy.

There are many other natural ways out there, which individuals claim to have worked in their favor for having a baby boy. Although most of these claims do not have any kind of concrete scientific backing, real life experiences cannot be completely neglected. Also by following a systematic approach you are certainly increasing your chances of having a baby boy without any harmful effects on your health.

It’s imperative that you understand that the feeling of having a baby of a particular gender is perfectly normal. However, this feeling should not serve as a hindrance for your love and care if you do not get the baby of the desired sex. There are some factors which are beyond our control, and the almighty God is the best person to bestow the gift of child to us in whatever form he thinks it is right. Remember, having a child is a great blessing in itself. However, it’s always advisable to give your best to increase your chances of having a baby boy if you desire so. The above mentioned measure is completely natural and will not pose any side effects or health hazards. The least you want is to repent over the fact that you didn’t try at all.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    February 10, 2010 at 3:21 am

    What if one does not believe in a god? I feel that this article should be scientific and fact-based only.

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