Train Your Brain to Be Positive

One can’t undermine the fact that negativity is all around us, and it’s difficult to keep oneself immune from the unwanted wreckage happening in our lives. There are loads of instances we experience in our day to day lives which steal the happy moments from our lives. The vicious circle of negativity and its effects makes us feel low in life. We feel extremely stressed, and we often doubt our capabilities. Not to forget the fact that these instances affects our relationship and productivity at work.

While staying immune from the negativity revolving around us might seem like a taxing task in itself, it’s not extremely difficult to be positive in life. Let’s have a look at the measures which you can incorporate in your life to stay positive, and to be a happier person in life.

Acknowledge your thoughts

There’s often this belief that our mind and heart supplies us with contradictory information. Our mind says something which our heart disagrees and vice versa. This confusing pattern of thoughts is uniform across individuals across the world. Each time you encounter a positive or negative thought, make it a point to note down the positive and negative thought. Before going to bed, take a glance at the written notes. You will be surprised over your thought flow. If there are immense negative thoughts flowing in your mind, then you know for sure that there is a need for a change in the thought process. However, if you most of the thoughts are flowing in the right direction, then take the time to pat your back.

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones

Once you have acknowledged all the thoughts patrolling in your mind. Take a deeper look into all the negative thoughts and write down how you could have reacted positively, instead of the negative thoughts. You will be surprised to learn the amount of opportunity you had at your disposal just by jotting down the positive thoughts. Writing down positive thoughts will make you feel nice immediately, and will also tune your mind towards positive thoughts.

Focus only on the positives

Once you have noted down all the positive thoughts, it’s the time to focus on them. Once you practice this technique for several days, it will transform into a habit. Some studies have come up with a verdict that on an average it takes 21 days in a row to transform an act into a habit. Don’t bother yourself with the odd negative thoughts that might pop up from time to time. This technique demands conscious effort from your end to get rid of the old habit.

Remember, nothing great can be achieved by thinking negative. Always be positive, and you will see a positive and refreshing change in your life.

Remember, misery is an option. Negative thoughts are the seeds that we lay towards a miserable life. On the other hand, positive thoughts can bring about a 360 degree change in your life for good.

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