Treadmills Vs Running Outside

With the introduction of treadmill, you can run distances without even stepping out of your doorsteps. Sounds enticing, isn’t it? But the bigger question over here is, “Can treadmill offer the same benefits that one can experience running outside?”

The answer for this question is a daunting task in itself since both treadmill and outside running have their share of pros and cons. Having said that, running on the treadmill or running outside is always better than not running at all.

Let’s have a comparative glance at the pros and cons of treadmill as well as outside running to understand which of these means is better.


One of the biggest problems associated with running on the treadmill in comparison to outdoor running is boredom. If you are running outdoors you are exposing yourself to a free environment which is filled with many attention driving activities. Whereas, running on the treadmill means being on a stagnant place with no change in scenery or environment.


One of the other disadvantages connected with treadmill running is easy fatigue as there are no obstacles that you will encounter while running on the treadmill. Whereas, if you are running outdoors you are exposing yourself to traffic signals, turns and vehicles which gives you a chance to stop for a while and regain a bit of energy. You also feel more rejuvenated due to the fresh exposure to the wind. Your body is able to perform better outdoors in comparison to running indoors on a treadmill.

Round the clock availability

While bad weather can curb or eliminate your fitness plan, treadmill scores a huge benefit over outdoor running on this ground. Bad weather or unfortunate outdoor mishaps cannot curtail your treadmill running session. Rain, snow and intense winter can easily eliminate your plans of outdoor running, and it’s hard to keep oneself motivated if the weather outside is not favorable. Having a treadmill will ensure that you do not miss your running plans very often. Also, you are less prone to injuries working indoors in comparison to outdoor running.

Easy on the body

As such, treadmill is specially formulated exercise equipment which ensures that the impact on your body is felt the least while you are running due to the shock absorber present in the equipment. Also, you don’t have to stop for passing vehicles, people or any other road block. Nor will you be chased by dogs patrolling on the streets.

Correct posture

When it comes to correct form and posture, treadmill scores a point over outdoor running. If you perform an activity with improper form for an extended period of time, then you will only increase your chances of getting injured. In a gym there are mirrors which will help you correct your posture. Individuals training for a particular event can use treadmill as a learning equipment to watch out their form and improve it. It’s easier to make corrections when you are able to see yourself in the mirror.

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  1. Andrew Reply
    November 11, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    I'm guessing about 90% of all runners have absolutely no idea what good running technique is supposed to look like.

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