Why Are So Many Kids at Risk of Obesity?


Obesity in children is not uncommon in today’s genre. Heart diseases that were used to be an adult’s problem now become popular to younger population as well. Obesity in children already reaches an alarming rate. Results showed that 15% of children belong to obese population, while another 15% are at risk of being obese.

The numbers are quite serious. If you are a parent, for sure, you would not want to belong to those 15% mothers with obese children? Find the reasons why there are so many kids at risk of getting fat. This might serve as a wakeup call.

1. Inactive lifestyle

Children love to vegetate in front of television after a tiring school day. They have lesser time and opportunity to exercise and be more active. The options are now limited to two things. They are either holding their cell phones or holding a joystick. Children can be found anywhere in the internet café, or at home playing computer games. Gone were the days when children play games or simply running on the streets. Weight management involves two crucial things; diet and exercise. Obviously for this generation, exercise is not on their list.

2. Fast foods are on the rise

Time has definitely changed. Mothers transform into a working mom, meaning, instead of cooking and preparing foods at home, they frequently order to fast food joints for a ready-made dinner to fit their busy lifestyle. Fast food items means oil-soaked, high calorie with little nutrients as well, and because fast food chains often offer quickly and tasty meal, children are entice to patronize these food items than the boring and tedious vegetable dish.

3. Junk foods are everywhere

Chips and soft drinks always come in handy. They can be found anywhere. In the street, in the hospital and even at school canteen. Chips are not only loaded with empty calories but high on sodium as well, which can affect their kidneys in the long run.

4. Parents who are as busy as a bee

Because of a more challenging lifestyle, parents opted to work than take care of the family’s well-being. Parents are too busy to monitor their child’s intake and too tired to even prepare a healthy snack at school.

5. Lack of basic knowledge on proper nutrition

Parents are sometimes unaware of the nutritional assessments for children which serve as indicators for their health. People find chubby children as cute and cuddly without realizing the effects on it later on his life. Parents must be aware of BMI. BMI or basal metabolic index is a measurement wherein one will know if he is on the right weight with respect to his height.

Obesity in children should never be taken for granted. The nutritional status of children lies in the hands of their parents. School also plays an important part in the health of children.

Lets us be reminded of the reasons why children keep on getting fat each day. Emphasize the need of eating variety of foods, portion control and balance of meal. Encourage young children to get active in sports or other hobbies that will keep them away from the tube.

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