How to Make Boobs Bigger

Large breasts are a highly sought after commodity among women (and men for that matter) as they are associated with a voluptuous and sexy figure. It is of course highly possible to have a great body with a flatter chest, and many celebrities show just how sexy you can be without great knockers (check out Kiera Knightley). However that isn’t enough to stop swarms of women wanting to enhance the size and the appearance of their boobs – so much so that many are willing to undergo painful operations that involve pushing a lump of silicon between the skin and the rib cage and forcing it into the fatty tissue surrounding the breasts. This is exactly as invasive and painful as it sounds and should certainly be considered a last resort. One alternative is to use the range of methods used to make breasts appear larger – by using makeup to change the way the light falls and catches on the breasts for example and using pendants to draw the eye to the cleavage and supportive, tight bras to lift the breasts and push them together. Stuffing bras is a sure way to make breasts look larger too. However this is all just a matter of hiding and concealing the true size of the breasts and can be embarrassing when someone notices your breasts have gotten significantly larger in seemingly a day. Additionally this takes time and effort and means every morning you will be powdering your cleavage and selecting carefully your clothes. Fortunately there are some methods you can use to actually improve the size of your breasts though they only work to a degree.

The first method is to tone up the pectoral muscles that are underneath the breasts. These are what hold the breasts in place and what make them pert or otherwise. Thus, by strengthening the pecs it is possible to make the breasts appear larger or at least make them look more alive and firm. This will not work miracles however as the breasts are actually made up of fat and so you can not grow the actual breasts themselves. Furthermore if you train too much you will replace that fat with muscle and create flat, hard looking boobs which really isn’t what you want. Make sure you train your pecs in moderation then in order to avoid losing your breasts completely. Any exercise that targets the chest will work – press ups, chest press, bench press, flies, shoulder press etc. Do not be too taken in by these promises however as the change is really minimal.

As the breasts are made up of fat, that’s another obvious way to increase their size – by putting on weight. Obviously this is a double edged sword and if you put on too much weight you will end up with big breasts – and a large stomach – which is really not what you want. The order that we put on fat in different areas is something that is entirely determined by genetics and that can not be influenced. For some the boobs will instantly grow larger as you eat, but for others the hips or legs will gain weight first. Try eating a little extra or taking a weight gaining supplement and see if you are happy with your new curvy look – if not you can always go back to your old weight. Just do not make any changes that are too drastic. Of course you could always get pregnant… but that’s really not worth the hassle.

There are also many different pills and tablets that promise to increase breast size, but most of these have little or no scientific backing and most sources will tell you to steer clear of an industry that seems built to prey on people’s insecurities and desperation. Theoretically though some tablets could work if they promote oestrogen or prevent testosterone production as oestrogen is the female sex hormone – and the method used to give breasts to men after a sex change. If you can find a supplement that does that then (and one that isn’t an un-studied herb) this could help marginally too.

Some foods are also known to promote oestrogen in the body: specifically celery, chick peas, garlic, kidney beans, lentils, flax or linseed and soy. Eating a diet rich in these items will not guarantee you will increase your bust, but it certainly can not hurt and when combined with an oestrogen promoting supplement you might find it has some effect.

There is one pill though that is quite likely to work, and that’s the pill, or the contraceptive pill, which will encourage the breast to retain water and causes many women to go up a bra size. Another supplement that can lead to water retention is creatine – which is also used as an energy supplement and for bodybuilders. This supplement could be worth a try as well though it is certainly not its primary intended use.

So by gaining a little weight and combining this with exercise aimed at the pecs and a renewed diet you might be able to make a small difference to the size of your pecs. The amount of work you put in will not really be rewarded and the difference will be marginal. Probably then the best and most effective chance is to use the contraceptive pill, which will also have other benefits.

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