How to Spot Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They are mainly found in places such as bed where people lay down. The bite of these bugs is very itchy and painful. It is very difficult to identify the bite of these bugs as they appear as simple rashes. Before you start any medication for rashes, it is essential to confirm the cause behind them. In most of the cases, bed bug bites are misdiagnosed and the doctor generally prescribes anti-histamines considering them as an allergic rash. Here are some help on how you can identify the bed bug bite symptoms.

It is not essential that you will develop the symptoms of bed bug bite immediately after the bite. In some cases, the symptoms develop days after the bite or may not even develop. This makes the diagnosis even harder. However, some people develop more severe symptoms of itching and swelling. If you doubt that you are suffering with bed bug bite, then the first observation to be made is the site of itching. The site of bed bug bite shows small red colored bumps. Many people confuse them for mosquito bite and neglect them. But, bed bug bite remains for a longer time compared to mosquito bite or the general rashes that develop due to allergic reactions. Bed bugs dwell deep into the skin and pierce blood out of you. Hence, you will develop red colored spots that last a longer time than the mosquito bites.

A characteristic feature of bed bug bite that is very helpful in its identification is the presence of a line of bites. Generally, a row of three red bumps will be seen. Sometimes, they can even be a cluster of bumps. Spots are mostly located on the face, neck, arms and hands. There will be a darker red spot in the center of the red spots.

To confirm that the bites are due to bed bugs, check the beds or on the walls for the presence of bed bugs. These bugs are very small in size to identify with our naked eye. Take the help of a magnifying glass. You can even find red colored blood spots on bed sheets and black colored fecal matter of the bed bugs. Sometimes, you can even find crawling bugs on the bed sheet.

Bed bugs do not bite each and every night. They may stop feeding for about a month or fortnight and starts feeding again. If there is no food, they may remain dormant even for up to a period of six months. Due to these abnormal feeding habits of bed bugs, you will develop periodic episodes of the red rashes and itching, a sign of bed bug bite.

Application of peppermint oil at the affected area reduces the itching on the skin automatically. If either the itching persists or secondary infections develop, it is essential to visit your doctor immediately. Lastly, to prevent further bites treat the bed bugs without negligence. Just wash the area with soap water, to get rid of bugs.


  1. Freaking bed bugs. What I have found is that hiring an professional exterminator is the best way to deal with bed bugs for good. Make sure you find an experienced exterminator though.

  2. I don't think this article is accurate. Bed bugs are about as big as lady birds and washing the area with soap water will not rid you of bed bugs! You need a professional to apply pesticides!

  3. Exterminator Chelsea NYC

    I read more than I wanted to know. Feeling a little green, a little scared, and a little grossed out. Great post though.

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