How to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness

Eye bags plus dark circles are the weirdest nightmares which make your face appear and look extremely ugly. These eye bags do not need to be treated with costly cosmetics and surgeries; one can get rid of them without paying up and in natural way as well.

Accumulation of fat tissue in one’s lower eye lids results in the formation of eye bags. This is one of the signs of premature aging and these are mainly caused by mental stress and loss of sleep and comfort. The elasticity and collagen fibers of our eye starts to lose its health at a very fast pace and this rapid loss would make us to look older, weaker and weirder.

Eye puffiness is caused by less relaxation and more stress, as the eye puffiness increases it makes the skin fall downwards and cause the formation of eye bags. Those people who are up all night working hard, studying hard and coping up with today’s world and have to go through many consecutive sleepless nights can observer the puffiness within their eyes.

There are a certain numbers of ways of treating and sorting out the eye puffiness concerns. The most popular treatment which is highly recommended and applied by the cosmetic surgeons and many researches on the internet even advice is the application of cucumbers on the eyes. Place chilled small slices of cucumber around the area where the bags are forming and on the entire eye as well. Make yourself comfortable by relaxing in a semi-reclined position with the help of some soothing music. The chilled cucumber will relax your eyes and give fibers to your eyes which will solve the problem of puffiness but it cannot solve the problem or erase eye bags.

Apart from the above mentioned treatment, one can easily avoid eye puffiness by following certain practices. Always use a pillow while you are sleeping on your back. Eye puffiness is even caused by natural water retention in your eyes, this sleeping position will lift your head and the water will come out of your eyes instead of pooling inside the eyes. The best way of eliminating eye bags is to get sufficient amount of sleep on consistent basis. One can even give acupressure a try in order to eliminate the eye bags. This treatment will result in proper blood circulation in the eye region and you would be able to erase eye bags completely.

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