How to Make a Small Bust Appear Fuller

If you wish you had a larger bust size then you are not alone, but one of thousands of women who are dissatisfied with the size of their chest. If you do not want to make you breasts larger, then there is a good chance that you are in the other section of women who find their breasts large and embarrassing. In other words you are not alone if you are unhappy with your breast size, in fact you are in the large majority, which is why many women turn to surgery as the solution – and often find that they are still not happy with the results.

A far better solution then is to change the appearance of your bust with your dress sense, with little tricks and with other techniques to make it look larger than it is. This way you can dress your chest to look however you want it to – looking larger when appropriate or slim and petite when you prefer. This way you do not have to make any permanent changes to your appearance, and you can change your look freely and easily without any painful procedures and with it still being ‘you’. If you dress to make your bust bigger and you do not like it you can easily make it smaller again, however it will be much harder to hide large fake breasts leaving you with far less versatility.

So how can you make your boobs look larger? There are a few things you can do and none of them involve going under the knife. The first is to where horizontal lines across your chest. This will force the eye to look side to side, making the bust look wider than it would otherwise. Be careful though as horizontal stripes can also make your stomach and hips look wider. As such you should only really wear horizontal stripes across the chest unless you are very thin. At the same time if the bust is large enough and round enough to cause the lines to curve and bend, then this can be a great way to create the impression that they are pushing against the top and so make them seem larger.

For this same reason, tighter tops will help your breasts to look fuller. This way the outline of the breasts will be highlighted, which is attractive on its own as well as size-increasing. Similarly a button on the cleavage can make the breasts look larger if it appears to be straining to hold the top closed. Avoid baggy tops that will simply swamp the breasts and leave them lost in a sea of folds.

At the same time you can draw the eye to the breasts by using bright colours which will make them look larger at the same time. This way when people see you out the corner of their eye their attention will be drawn to your breasts which will make them unconsciously think they are larger (they would have to be to catch their eye right?). So as well as stripes you should also wear bright colours across the bust and where possible, darker colours (particularly black which is slimming as it absorbs light) across the mid section to make the bright colours stand out even more by contrast. The general rule is to wear bright colours for areas you want to exaggerate and dark colours for those you want to conceal or shrink.

Your bra can also obviously make a big difference to the appearance of your breasts and many padded bras will add an extra layer between your breasts and your clothes which will fill them out and make them look larger. You can additionally stuff your bra with tissue, or with specially designed fillers made from gelatine to create a more realistic enhanced look that will also feel more realistic to the touch. These can then easily be discarded or hidden in a bag when you want to drop a bra size. At the same time a good bra should also lift your breasts, which will make them look ‘perkier’ and more alive (and make the most of what you have got), while also squeezing them together to enhance your cleavage and again create an impression that they are ‘bursting’. A good bra that does all these things will leave you looking much chestier and can be one of the best and quickest ways to improve your chest’s appearance.

So that is what you can do in terms of clothes, but the tricks go much further than that and there are some things you can apply directly to the breasts themselves to create the impression of size. One example is to use a foundation one tone darker than your skin tone and then use it to create ‘shadows’ on your breasts. This trick can be used to change all sorts of elements of your features – for example applied to the sides of the bridge of the nose it can make your nose look slimmer or to bellow your cheek bones it can make them stand out starkly. Here we are going to apply the foundation in the cleavage and on either side of the inside of the breasts (getting lighter around the front of the boobs). This way you will create the impression of a shadow in the dip and make it look deeper as a result. You are exaggerating the valley between your breasts and so making them look larger and stand out more.

A similar trick is to use a moisturising cream or sun cream on the breasts. This way they will catch the light slightly and that will highlight the edges and again look more rounded. Something like a sun cream rubbed into the breasts will not completely be absorbed and so will stay shiny, at the same time though it will not be obvious (do not for example rub cooking oil into your breasts or you will look like a porn star). With the sides of your breasts slightly glistening in the light, you will turn every male head in the house and will appear to be far more full chested. Another quick tip is to use tanning lotion on the breasts as a slightly darker skin tone will catch the light better and again cause your breasts to look more three dimensional.

Jewellery too can have a good effect on the size of your breasts, specifically a pendant on a long chain. The reason this works is that it will draw attention again to the breasts by catching in the light, but if you nestle it in your cleavage it will also again make it look deeper by adding a sense of proportion.

All these tricks will make your bust look a lot larger without actually doing anything to change it. If you are still not happy you can always look into going on the pill, which has been known to enhance the size of the breasts, or gaining a little extra weight which will also increase the size of your breasts and create a more ‘curvy figure’ (just do not over do it). Remember though that a lot of guys actually prefer slightly smaller breasts and that it allows for a better silhouette in a tightly fitted dress. Further more as you reach old age, smaller breasts will stay perkier and will not sag. So do not be disheartened, and for the best results learn to love what you have.

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