Comfort for Full Figured Women in Tankini Swimsuits

While the bikini can look great if worn right, the tiny amount of coverage they provide can make them better suited to the more petite figure. For those not so comfortable with exposing their midriff, or those whose chest size makes the bikini a little indecent other avenues need to be explored. Similarly they do not offer much protection from the sun and are prone to coming off at just the wrong moment.

The other option then is a swimsuit, conventionally made from one piece of material. However these are not perfect either – in many cases it is hard to find a suit that is the exact length of your body meaning that they can often ride up or cut into your flesh. Similarly if you are not happy with your various bulges a tight swimsuit is hardly going to hide these, rather it will be more likely to cling to them and exaggerate the size of every lump and roll. Then when you need to go to the toilet you will have the hassle of having to remove the entire thing – standing completely naked in the cubical.

So what’s the answer? It is the tankini. Tankini’s are a great design that were originally designed for children and athletes. These get around the problems inherent in both the bikini and the one-piece by offering the best of both. Here the top half is a waterproof bra with a top that can cover part or all of the stomach. Then the lower section of the bra is added separately.

This means that the top of the suit will not cause the bottom to ride up which means no pain. It also means that bulges have somewhere to go, and you can choose a baggier top if want to hide them or just get more air circulating. The bra section is also more likely to be supportive making it far more comfortable for larger breasted women. Finally if you decide you need the toilet you can easily remove the bottom half without going through the whole rigmarole of changing your entire outfit.

The additional great thing about tankini swimsuit is that they can fit any body shape. The reason for this is simple – you can mix and match your tops and bottoms. This means that you can pick a size 10 bottoms with size 20 tops or vice versa if you happen to be particularly cone shaped… Furthermore it also opens up a whole selection of different style and fashion options as you can mix and match different colours to create a unique look you are not going to see everyone else on the beach walking around in.

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