Applying Hair Dryers – A Wise Decision?


The electronic device used to drying the damp hair by means of hot, warm or cool air is known as hair dryer. Ask any hair stylist or dermatologist that what is the easiest way to lose the beauty of your hair and he will definitely answer heat styling or using hair dryers in routine. It can be very advantageous as it helps to get you styled quickly but it may be too dangerous for your hair if not properly used. Heat coming out from hair dryers can create consequences like hair split, fraying, and breaking and result will be losing real beauty of your hair. It is obvious that once the beauty of your hair gone can be hard to get back. Usage of hair dryers normally been done because it take long to dry your hair by towel.

It is a general perception that hair dryers are safer in comparison to hair straighteners or curling iron but it is not so. The heat from hair dryers has very adverse effects on your hair. Once you switch it on, you will find that there is a huge amount of heat coming from it and you can imagine at that very moment, how harmful it will be to your hair. Heat is enemy of your hair whether it is sun heat or heat from hair dryers. Sun heat can be avoided by using cap, hat etc but it is your own choice when it comes to using hair dryers by yourself. The setting of your hair dryer must be moderate that is the heat setting must be normal in order to save your hair from the disastrous effects of it. Normally the hair dryer on its hottest setting can reach temperature more than boiling temperature of water. Use of any heat protector or conditioner will be helpful to avoid the damage that can be caused by hair dryer.

Using hair dryer has huge adverse effects on hair but care must be taken to use it according to your hair type. If your hair type is friendly with the hair dryer you use then it can be a right idea to apply hair dryer on your hair. This can be done by reading owner’s manual that comes with its box. It helps in getting safety precautions and other necessary details on the method of using it. Dry hair can get damage very quickly as their strength is not good to overcome the disastrous effects of heat produced by hair dryer.

Many of you use hair dryer while taking shower but it can be dangerous if you forget to switch it off before taking shower because you can get electric shock. Using hair dryer on wet hair can be a lot dangerous because it can burn your hair.

In my opinion, these are just some points against the usage of hair dryers. These can be the consequences if used but still you are free to take decision whether to use hair dryer or not.

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